Comer, dormir y pasear en Catamarca

One of the charming corners of Finca La Sala in Catamarca.Star Herrera

of the green of mount to the heights of the punagoing through the dunes and the hot springs, the peculiarity of Catamarca is that all its wide variety of landscapes occurs in a limited territory, with relatively short distances and roads in good condition. From the capital to the west, the route leads to its colonial past through the milestones of the Adobe Route. Archaeological ruins of Inca origin, artisans who make magic on Creole looms, a few days in the highlands and a short stay to experience mining life are some of the attractions of this unique province.

Farm The Room

RN 60 Km 1315. Tel: (03837) 40-7912

Old mansion from 1850 located in the town of La Puntilla, beginning of the Adobe Route, on the side of the route. They receive Ana Saris and her husband, Horacio Saldaño. Five rooms decorated with period furniture and a pleasant park. Those who are not staying can enjoy a lunch or dinner of regional cuisine in their beautiful gallery, they even receive visitors at tea time. Good gift shop.

The galleries make the charms of Finca La Sala.
The galleries make the charms of Finca La Sala. Star Herrera

Posada Las Canas

Abaucan s/n, Barrio Chico. T: (03837) 49-9 YO G: @posadalascanasfiambala

700 m from the main square, this adobe house offers cabins and rooms. They have just released three suites built with the adobe technique. Around, a small vineyard surrounds the property. Lunches and dinners with dishes from the region’s cuisine are offered at an additional cost. The most beautiful room in the house is the old oratory. There you can have breakfast or dedicate yourself to reading when you return from the excursions.

Posada Las Cañas, in Fiambalá.
Posada Las Cañas, in Fiambalá.Star Herrera

Pine House

Diego Carrizo de Frites s/n. T: (03837) 69-7429

The Del Pino family receives in this house from 1830, built with thick adobe walls, cane roofs and carob openings, a true architectural treasure surrounded by centuries-old olive trees. The rooms, of which there are five, preserve period details, such as the carved wooden closets and the bronze beds. They provide crockery to those who want to use the grill or the outdoor kitchen. Sandboards, at no additional cost.

La Casona del Pino represents the typical architecture of our North.
La Casona del Pino represents the typical architecture of our North.Vera Rosenberg


Virgin of the Valley s/n. T: (0351) 613-3873. IG: @laramadita.fiambala

Adobe house conditioned to receive. It has six rooms decorated with recycled wood furniture from the region. They receive Rubén Barboza and his daughter Milena.

Fiambala hot springs

They are operating with three daily shifts with quota: from 8 to 13:30, from 14 to 20 and from 20:30 to 23:30. It is necessary to go through the Fiambalá tourist office beforehand to obtain this permit.

Fiambala Tourist Office

Av. Diego Carrizo de Frites and Diego de Almagro. T: (03837) 40-4925.

Every day from 7 to 22.

Small altar in Posada Las Cañas de Fiambalá.
Small altar in Posada Las Cañas de Fiambalá.Star Herrera

Hugo Carrizo

T: (03837) 43-110

Outings to Balcón del Pissis, Campo de Piedra Pómez (with access from the south, via Palo Blanco) and Tatón dunes.

Museum of Man

Brother Mamerto Esquiú and Pedro Azarelli

Monday to Sunday, from 9 to 19. There are guided tours.

St. Peter’s Church

Av. de las Américas, on the way to the hot springs

Monday to Sunday, from 9 to 19.

The Shincal of Quimivil

7 km from the center of London. T: (03835) 52-9973. Facebook: The Shincal of Quimivil London

It is visited with a guide. Every day at 8:30, 10, 11:30, 14, 16:30 and 18. $500. Children under 12, free of charge.

The delights of Hostería El Peñón, Catamarca.
The delights of Hostería El Peñón, Catamarca.

Folk Museum

RN 40 and May 25

Located in a very well preserved colonial mansion, it is supported by the Azara Foundation. The guides of the place are friendly and explain with dedication about the different rooms of the museum. Every day from 9 to 18. There are guided tours.

Hotel Belen

Belgrano corner Governor Cubas. T: (03835) 46-1501. IG: @hotel_belen

Central hotel a few meters from the main square. It is newly remodeled. It has new comfortable and modern suites of good dimensions. Giant pool and its own exhibition of pre-Columbian art.

Hotel Belén is close to everything.
Hotel Belén is close to everything.Star Herrera


Belgrano 609. P: (03835) 52-7413

Posada with five armed rooms in single, double and triple version. It has a swimming pool and a small spa that, with prior reservation and additional cost, offers a menu of treatments. Its owner, Mauricio Pagani, is a guide and organizes tailor-made trips to the Puna (

Saracho Avar Family

General Roca 144. T: (03835) 48-2056. IG: @avarsaracho

Llama, sheep and vicuña textiles, silver and alpaca jewelry and condorhuasi ceramics. Reproductions of historical ponchos and modern designs in non-traditional colors.

The Remnants

RN 40 Km 4110. Tel: (11) 5487-3 / IG:@losremenizos

Complex of two cabins. Each can accommodate four guests. It has a single bedroom with three beds (one double and one single) and a sofa bed in the living room. Equipped kitchen and grill.

Warmth is one of the attributes of Los Remenizos.
Warmth is one of the attributes of Los Remenizos.Star Herrera

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

In front of the main square

Every day, from March to October, from 9 to 19, and from November to April, from 9 to 20. Stop by the tourist office next door and a guide will open the door for you. There they report on the route to Pozo Verde, Pucará and Los Colorados.

Hualfin Municipal Winery

The Coast neighborhood. Street s/n. T: (0384) 80-4568

Guided tour with tasting. Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Free, with prior reservation.

Hosteria El Penon

PR 43. P: (0387) 517-1252. They only answer inquiries from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It is all a luxury of the Puna Catamarca. Eight rooms with private bathroom, decorated with warmth and good taste, without losing the local spirit. It is managed by the Salta travel agency Socompa Adventure Travel, which organizes excursions in the surroundings. They have satellite internet connection only in the main room, hot water and electricity. The rooms are heated with salamanders. Restó own with a menu of regional dishes and a good selection of wines.

Assured comfort at Hostería El Peñón, Catamarca.
Assured comfort at Hostería El Peñón, Catamarca.

Sun Town

T: (03834) 31-2244/63. IG: @hosteriapueblodelsol

Inn with 11 rooms located in a nice adobe house. It has hot water, private bathroom and heating by solar panels. They offer lunch and dinner.

Pueblo del Sol is a friendly option in Antofagasta de la Sierra.
Pueblo del Sol is a friendly option in Antofagasta de la Sierra. Sun Town

Municipal Inn

La Rioja s/n. T: (03834) 59-4459.

Super simple inn with 18 rooms with its own dining room. From December to the end of February, when it is the season for trout in nearby rivers, the inn offers them on the menu. Try them, they are the local delicacy.

The Andes Excursions

W: (03832) 41-1871. FULL BOARD: TheANDEStravelandTourism

Juan de Dios Cardozo is based in El Peñón and organizes trips by van to the Campo de Piedra Pómez and surroundings.

Miner’s Shelter

Your hair is a threat. T: (03835) 69-2770/42-3263. FULL BOARD: Miner’s Shelter

Theme inn with 12 rooms. Yaqui Yampa is in charge of organizing excursions to the site, visits to the mine and the mining town. Meals and excursions have an additional cost. It is advisable to hire the transfer from Andalgalá with them, since the slope that leads to Minas Capillitas is a complicated path.

The Miner's Shelter is located in a magical place.
The Miner’s Shelter is located in a magical place. Star Herrera

La Ceiba Lodge

RN 38 Km 614, La Bajada. T: (0261) 209-3093. High prices

Located in the town of La Bajada, half an hour from the provincial capital. Lodge located in the heart of an estancia. It has six rooms designed as a suite, with individual entrance and its own gallery. They organize outings on horseback, by van, by bike, wildlife observation and walks. Own restaurant with regional food menu.

Catamarca Rugs

Poncho Museum, Fairgrounds (4 km from the center). Facebook: Catamarca Rugs

The factory started in Andalgalá in the 1950s, but it has been a classic in the capital for decades. Currently, they have a small exhibition inside the Poncho Museum and they show how the manufacturing process is from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.