Cómo fue la última velada donde estuvo Freddy Rincón antes del accidente – Publimetro Colombia

Cómo fue la última velada donde estuvo Freddy Rincón antes del accidente – Publimetro Colombia

Vladimir Mosquera One of the close friends of the Valle del Cauca soccer player who died in the last few hours told how was the last evening where Freddy Rincón was before the accident. There they met at a meeting between friends on Sunday night at the house of the salsero harold saa and in which they were, among others, the former mayor of Buenaventura Edison Ruizhours before the tragic accident.

Therefore, Mosquera, in dialogue with the newspaper El País de Cali, said that there was a strong friendship between Rincón and Saa for many years when they lived in two neighboring neighborhoods of the Port.

In the interview, Mosquera pointed out that Freddy had not ingested liqueur that night.

“In Freddy’s case, no. I was sober; that is a family home where we have always been welcomed as brothers; There is a lot of speculation on that subject, there is more talk, but anyone who knows Freddy realizes that he is a great person. That night he was fine, happy and very sober.”

Regarding what they were doing during the evening, Mosquera explained that they were “talking about soccer because at that moment they were having a Colombian League match; then we put salsa on and talked about anecdotes and things that happened in Freddy’s career; I remember that the former mayor asked him how he had gone from Santa Fe Alabama America and he told everything.”

Regarding the women who accompanied Freddy the night of the event, Mosquera explained that “I saw some friends there also sharing; Freddy whenever he went to the house of Harold Saah he did it alone on some occasions and accompanied by friends. In that house they have always received him well and he felt as if he was in his own, ”he concluded.

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