¡Cómo me está salvando Hostelworld con el alojamiento!

The world is getting closer to a certain “post-pandemic” normality and the prices of tourist services in Europe for the next summer season they are getting higher. Just today I had four different travel conversations for June, July and August 2022, and not one of them was missing the expression “it’s amazing how salty everything is”.

Leaving the salt for the kitchen (haha), I started looking for ooptions for accommodation of upcoming experiences. I started with the closest trip: early June, festival Primavera Sound in Barcelona. For a couple of weeks I’ve been seeing unremarkable hostels on Booking for €120 or €140 per night for two people and rooms in family houses on Airbnb for around €200, crazy!

Suddenly an old friend came to mind, the Hostelworld platform. I went in to see what they offered and found a miracle: a very simple hostel in the center of Barcelona for 36 euros a night with free cancellation up to a couple of days before, just what I needed.

The next challenge was Venice (Italy), luckily only for one night. I had grown fond of the hostel that the Generator chain has there, but without looking at the map, yes or yes, you have to take vaporetto to reach.

Looking for options that didn’t include crossing canals by water, I came across an Ostello in Cannaregio with simple private rooms for three at about 40 euros per person. Do not tell me that the entry on the channel is not nice 🙂

My reunion with Hostelworld reminded me to never stop search options to be able to move forward with our trips, especially when it is high season and everything seems priceless.

I leave you some useful links and, as always, you can add your recommendations in comments 🙂

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