cómo ver el estado de un vuelo en su celular y actualizado

Traveling is one of the favorite activities for many. However, it is still a task that can cause stress and anxiety, Well, losing a flight or a suitcase could be quite expensive and damage your journey.

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The tiktoker Julitecno revealed one of the ways in which you can follow the status of your flight, in real time and without going to the screens provided by the airport, to be able to go to the bathroom and get around without fear of missing the boarding.

How to see the status of a flight, without consulting the airport screens

  1. The first step is to verify the digital boarding pass or the one provided by the airline. Your flight number will appear there.
  2. Subsequently, you must enter that number (AV23, for example) in the Google search engine.
  3. The search engine will show you all the updated data in real time, such as the boarding time and the door through which the aircraft will be boarded. It also reveals the latest flight update.

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google capture

So you can see a flight in real time and its location on the map

Another way to know where a plane is located and when it will land is through the website flightradar24which allows you to track almost any flight that is in the air.

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If you enter a city of origin and another of destination in the search bar, the platform will show you the flights that will currently arrive and depart from those places.

It will also give you other data, selecting an aircraft on the map, such as the flight history of the aircraft and its origin.