¿Comparte su cuenta de Netflix? Pilas que podría aumentar el pago de su suscripción

Are you one of those who share your Netflix account with family or friends? This is a common practice not only on this but on most platforms since these “new” television services allow you to configure multiple profiles.

This Monday Netflix issued a global statement in which it explained that this shared use will suffer some rate changes and that there are already some countries in the region (not yet in Colombia) that will see some change in their payment.

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The first thing that Netflix makes clear is that for the last 15 years they have worked hard to create a streaming service that is easy to use, even for people traveling or living together and that it has been clear to them that many accounts are shared: “It is great that our members like Netflix movies and television shows so much that they want to share them more widely,” they explain in the statement.

They add that this “widespread exchange of accounts” that occurs today between households is undermining its long-term ability “to invest and improve our service”. What does that mean? That there will be more control.

The measure that the streaming service is already implementing is charge more and they will do so with two differentiated items: “Add additional member” and “add a house”.

These services are already active since March 2022, but only in some countries. the of “add additional member” is already working in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru and will be launched in August “add a house” in Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

How does it work?

They explain in the statement that for example the function of “add a house” will be like this: there will be one house per account“Each Netflix account, whatever your plan, will include a home where you can enjoy Netflix on any of your devices.” That’s the basics.

Hence, if you want the service to be seen by another person in another house, you will have to buy additional houses: “To use your Netflix account in additional houses, we will ask you to pay an extra”. For now, the rates that are known are 219 pesos per month per house in Argentina (on 7,400 Colombian pesos). They also detail the rate in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, all the same, 2.99 dollars per month (close to 13,000 Colombian pesos, approximately).

Another important point to keep in mind is that each plan will be able to add a certain number of housesthen in the Basic plan you can add an additional house, the Standard up to two additional and the Premium up to three.

In house management role can be controlled where your account is used, and remove homes at any time, from the settings page.

One more clarification came in the statement, these plans will include displacement included, that is, you can watch Netflix away from home on your tablet, laptop or mobile.

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“We value our members and recognize that they have many options for entertainment. So we’re working hard to make great TV shows and movies, and to be as careful as possible about how we charge for multi-household usage.”

For now the change will not come to Colombia Because as they clarify from Netflix: “We will not make changes in other countries until we better understand what is easiest for our members.”