Concierto de Marbelle en Villavicencio: No hubo llenó

Concierto de Marbelle en Villavicencio: No hubo llenó

Within the framework of the celebration of the ExpoMalocas Fair in Villavicencio, a video was recorded that circulates on social networks in which it would be shown that the Colombian artist Marbelle was left practically with the curls done, as attendance at his concert was minimal.

Despite the fact that days prior to the opening of the fair several users asked to the Government of Meta cancel the show of the ‘queen of the technorail’, her show continued.

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The video that begins to be shared massively on social networks shows a small group of people listening to the presentation of Marbella, who is seen on the giant screens singing.

Likewise, it is seen that there are other small groups of people around the stage who talk to each other.

Although there is no record of the time the video was recorded, the images show the minimum to fuck which had its presentation in the city of Villavicencio.

It should be remembered that the singer and actress has been in the news in recent days, for her Racist comments” was the social leader and vice-presidential formula of the candidate Gustavo Petro on behalf of the coalition of the Historical Pact.

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Despite the strong trills that Marbelle has launched towards France Marquezshe has answered peacefully and even remembered that in the past she had participated in the Factor X singing contest, where she met Marbella and at the time he was moved, since he had “admired” her since he was young.