Conoce los lugares en Perú para visitar con 100 soles en Semana Santa 2022

Conoce los lugares en Perú para visitar con 100 soles en Semana Santa 2022

What to do for Easter? Learn about the cheap places you can visit on the long holiday. Credits: And what are your plans?

It is time to look for new destinations. Therefore, when we make the decision to travel there are several factors that we take into account, one of them is the cost of the tours to visit the main tourist attractions that they offer us. In Peru there is an abundance of great diversity of destinations that it has in its territory. This allows you to find ‘low cost’ alternatives to enjoy and without spending a lot of money. What are those benefits?

if you are planning travel this Easter 2022 You must consider that these days there is an important mobilization of travelers from all parts of Peru, in addition to foreign tourists who come to spend these dates in our country. Why is it important to know? So that you make the coordinations on time and do not run out of accommodation and / or tour to one of the tourist places to visit.

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Through the page What are your plans? we found some options know the best places in Peru and with an investment of less than 100 soles. If you thought traveling would cost you your entire salary, here’s how you can make the most of your budget.


This list is made up of offers that fit your routine, whether you want to do a full day or a half day. What is the difference between them? The first is an adventure that lasts more than 8 hours approximately. On the other hand, the second invites you to take a tour between 3 to 4 hours.

Visit Ayacucho at Easter.
Visit Ayacucho at Easter.

Wari and Quinoa S/ 50 (per person)

From 9:00 am to 3:00 pm let yourself be amazed by this incredible Peruvian scenery. Includes transfer and access to the Wari Archaeological Complex, the Pampa de Ayacucho Historic Sanctuary and the town of Quinua to see craft workshops. (Check here the complete offer)

Relaxing mangroves in Tumbes S/ 55 (per person)

Enjoy Puerto Pizarro, where the sea and the mangroves come together! This adventure that they offer to travelers includes mobility by land and boat, in addition to having all the biosecurity protocols for the pandemic. The itinerary is made up of a visit to the “Island of the birds”, “Whale Bone Island”, “Island of love”, the crocodile farm and the artisan boardwalk. (Check here the complete offer)

Full Day in the “Pearl of the Andes” S/ 55 (per person)

Discover the wonders that Tarma has for you! What activities do you offer to tourists? Visit to “Chuchopampa” (Flower cultivation), natural viewpoint of the Inca trail, Bombón plateau (scene of the battle of Junín), the Pre-Inca salt pools (Cachipozo), San Pedro de Cajas (Cradle of Artisans), the ” Cave of Huagapo” and the Sanctuary of the Lord of Muruhuay. (Check here the complete offer)

Mystic Huancavelica S/ 59 (per person)

This Half Day will allow you to discover the wonderful city of Huancavelica and Sacsamarca, the city of stones. What includes? Private transportation, tourist guide, entrance to places of interest and biosecurity protocols. Visit to the city of stones ¨Sacsamarca¨, the ghost town of ¨Santa Bárbara¨, the colonial church and the natural viewpoint. (Check here the complete offer)

Coffee Route – Villa Rica S/ 59 (per person)

Delight yourself with the best coffee in the world! With this full day you will be able to visit the main square with the largest coffee pot in the world, La Bruja Waterfall, El León Waterfall, sighting at La Cumbre Viewpoint, El Oconal Lagoon, tour of the Coffee Farm, and the Museum House. (Check here the complete offer)

Lagoon of Miracles S/ 60 (per person)

What activities can I do? Boat ride, walk through the forest to learn about medicinal plants and the wishing tree. Visit to the Tarzan hut, swim in the lagoon with white medicinal clay and rest in hammocks on the shores of the lagoon. (Check here the complete offer)

Meet Peru in this long holiday of Holy Week 2022.
Meet Peru in this long holiday of Holy Week 2022.

Chiclayo Wake Up Route S/ 65 (per person)

This full day starts at 9:00 am and will allow you to visit the Elías Aguirre square (downtown Chiclayo), the “Hercules Bridge”, the “Casa Hacienda Cayaltí”, the “Main Square of Zaña”, the Convent of San Agustín , “La Merced” church, Puerto Eten boardwalk and Media Luna beach. (Check here the complete offer)

Adventure Trekking S/ 70 (per person)

Visit the Huascarán National Park, where you will get to know the Quebrada Llanganuco, visiting the lagoons of the place, Cebollapampa, Laguna 69 and the snowy peaks of Chacraraju and snowy Pisco. They offer roundtrip transportation to the tourist circuit. (Check here the complete offer)

Sighting of pink dolphins in the Amazon River S/ 90 (per person)

Half day group outing. Your adventure will take you in a solar boat to the observation point at the confluence of the Nanay and Amazon rivers until you reach a specific point for the sighting of pink dolphins. (Check here what this offer includes)

Get to know the favorite places of travelers to get away from the routine at Easter. Credits: Marca Peru Tiktok.


If we add a minimum amount for our getaway for Easter, we can find two options that fit our time and pocket. According to the official platform that promotes tourism in Peru, these destinations for less than 160 soles.

Colca Canyon – Collagua Route S/ 155 (per person)

02 Days / 01 Night. Visitors will be able to live a unique experience accessing: 01 night of hotel accommodation, breakfast, tourist transport throughout the tour and visits. In addition, it includes tours to: South American camelids, the great Apus, glaciers, Patapampa at 4,910 meters above sea level, high Andean lakes, La Calera thermal baths, visit to the town of Yanque, Maca, hanging tombs of Choquetico, Cruz del Cóndor, Antahuilque, Collaguas and Cabins. (Check here the complete offer)

Paracas within reach S/ 155 (per person)

02 Days / 01 Night. Enjoy the marine nature that Paracas has for you! This adventure includes breakfast, lodging and transfer to the dock. You can visit: Ballestas Islands and have a spectacular view of the Chandelier, a gigantic figure of the Nasca Lines that can only be seen from the sea. On the way they will pass through the Bay and the Port of San Martín. (Check here the complete offer)


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