continúan los roces entre Pamela Ospina y Tostao

continúan los roces entre Pamela Ospina y Tostao

In the group challenge that took place this Thursday in Celebrity MasterChefthey showed up to see some friction between Tostao and Pamela Ospina after the singer made a comment in the form of a joke that upset the comedian and later the confrontations continued when both participants had differences when planning the dish, however, the team did very well and finally Tostao, Pamela Ospina, Isabella Santiago and Estiwar G. won the challenge.

However, this Friday, before the salvation challenge, the members of the jury gave their feedback, so the Nicolás de Zubiría asked Tostao, that he was the captain of the team, what had been the key to victory and he answered which was thanks to the choice of protein, however, later the chef told them that 14 complete dishes arrived and that number 15 almost did not arrive and asked for the person who gave the final touch so that the dish could be completed.

And before Tostao could reply, Pamela began to explain that there was no chicken for dish number she improvised and quickly pieced together the portion of the dish with leftover chicken parts.

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The comment caused some laughter and surprised Tostao who did not know what had happened and then Zubiría highlighted Pamela’s action since she managed to solve it and it worked for the team to be able to present the complete dishes and finally win.

It seems that the situation was going to stop there, but when the purple team and the bearers of the immunity pins went up to the balcony, the atmosphere became tense again, when Pamela told Isabella that she shouldn’t have laughed when she was giving the explanation, while Isabella said that she was not laughing.

“If I did something, it was that, I broke things and put that last chicken,” said the comedian while defending herself, at that moment Tostao took the opportunity to tell her how uncomfortable he felt when she interrupted him in the explanation, assuring that this was not right.

“Look, but they are asking the captain something and you go out to answer, that was not good, too” and then she remembered that throughout the challenge she disagreed with the preparation of the dish and Pamela defended her again, The singer tried to talk to her again, but Pamela immediately asked him not to talk to her anymore.

“Don’t talk to me, don’t talk to me, don’t talk to me, don’t talk to me”, Pamela said as she put her hand up to stop him from talking.

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