Crónica de Chile vs Colombia Sudamericano Sub20 Femenino | Futbol Colombiano | Fútbol Femenino

Crónica de Chile vs Colombia Sudamericano Sub20 Femenino | Futbol Colombiano | Fútbol Femenino

Colombia had the great mission of qualifying after that 5-0 that put Peru without units in Group A. However, ahead they had to face the hosts: Chile. The southerners lost to Venezuela on the last date and played their last cards requiring victory to qualify. Finally, the Colombian defense saved each Chilean option and thanks to a solitary goal by Gisela Robledo they achieved victory and qualified for the final phase.

As soon as the match began, Chile tried with a shot by Elisa Durán that Natalia Giraldo saved in two stages. Colombia arrived after four minutes with a filtered pass from Kelly Caicedo to Gisela Robledo. The player from the Spanish Tenerife, hooked in the area, finished off powerfully and with the complicity of Antonia Canales, the ball ended up in the nets.

Despite that goal, the following was from Chile who dominated the ball in long stretches of the game and created danger, but with an organized defensive system, they were unable to create many opportunities. Ángela Barón and Kelly Caicedo looked without problems, in fact, in a free kick by Valentina Navarrete, Barón cleared, and Giraldo saved the corner.

In a ball for Gisela Robledo, after Antonia Canales bailed out, the Tenerife player hit the ball just wide. Chile’s threat awoke with Sonya Keefe who took a bounced shot off the easy grass to control Natalia Giraldo.

Perhaps the clearest in Chile was presented at 44 minutes. Offensive threat Sonya Keefe controlled a cross with her chest, volleying it over the crossbar. Back and forth at the end with Robledo and a low cross that Antonia Canales misjudged and Gali Espinoza rejected the corner.

Already in the second half, Valentina Navarrete made a personal play that crossed, the ball passed to the defenders, Ángela Barón and Kelly Caicedo, and Mariana Muñoz appeared behind in a defensive facet clearing the risk. Colombia responded with a short corner kick to Gisela Robledo who crossed and Gabriela Rodríguez finished off acrobatically over the top.

The ‘Red’ came through centers that cut the defensive back, and Natalia Giraldo with her fists. Without a doubt, the most connected was Gisela Robledo who, at the end of the match, warned again after minutes without options and Antonia Canales saved with ease.

The changes came with the departure of Gabriela Rodríguez and the entry of Ingrid Guerra who had a shot after a pitch from an awkward angle and Antonia Canales saved. The Chilean variants were completely offensive with the departure of Claudia Salfate and the entry of the Colombian-Chilean, Mary Valencia. She created danger with deflected shots, and a center that was going to head, but Natalia Giraldo cleared.

From Group A, Colombia will accompany Venezuela as those qualified so far for the final phase, which will be all against all. It remains to be seen who will enter B, which seems to already be Brazil, and the other place could be Uruguay or Ecuador.