Crónica Deportivo Independiente Medellín vs 9 de Octubre Copa Sudamericana | Copa Sudamericana

Crónica Deportivo Independiente Medellín vs 9 de Octubre Copa Sudamericana | Copa Sudamericana

Deportivo Independiente Medellín defeated Ecuador 2-1 on October 9, on the second date of group E in the Copa Sudamericana 2022. The mighty team achieved a great result thanks to goals from Vladimir Hernández and Bryan Castrillón. Manuel Lucas scored for the Ecuadorian team starting the match. In this way and with Internacional’s draw against Guaireña, DIM is the leader in its group.

The locals took possession of the ball and after 2 minutes, they approached with a shot by Felipe Pardo that went over the goal guarded by Jorge Pinos. However, 9 de Octubre took the lead at minute 5, through Manuel Lucas after a free kick pass from Danny Luna, the Ecuadorian team went ahead on the scoreboard, when Medellín tried to organize their game.

At minute 8, Vladimir Hernández tied the game, after taking advantage of a rebound left by goalkeeper Pinos, after a shot by Luciano Pons, the Araucanian attacker finished off on the left sector of the south goal.

At minute 16, Luciano Pons over the heart of the area, had the second goal, but his shot went wide of the Ecuadorian goal. Medellín kept insisting on getting on top of the scoreboard, but the visit countered every attack. Around minute 31, 9 de Octubre came close with a shot from mid-range by José Cazares. Three minutes later, Felipe Pardo shot on goal from the right sector, but the ball went wide. At 36, Felipe Pardo was injured, and Bryan Castrillón entered.

The last minutes were intense, without a clear dominator and with punctual plays in the areas. In injury time, a corner kick taken by Vladimir Hernández, the ball hit the post by a header by Juan Guillermo Arboleda, saving the Ecuadorian team. In the complementary stage, Medellín went out to look for the advantage and was very close at minute 2 with a shot by Jean Pineda that passed very close to goalkeeper Pinos’ right post. At minute 6, Ricardo Phillips had to score, but his shot was contained by Luis Herney Vásquez. At 8, Adrián Arregui shot from mid-range, but the ball went too high from the visiting goal.

About minute 9, Andrés Ricaurte entered Medellín instead of David Loaiza. About minute 16 and after a counterattack, Danny Luna shot from the right sector, but the ball crashed into the right vertical. A minute later, Vladimir Hernández from mid-range approached DIM, but the ball passed close to the visiting goal.

The following minutes were intense and strong play in the center of the field. Around the 24th minute, October 9, he took out Ricardo Phillips, so that Alfredo Stephens could enter. At minute 32, the visit generated a new approach through Mauro Da Luz, but the ball went wide.

About minute 34, Juan David Mosquera tried his luck, but his shot went wide. Both teams looked to control the ball, but were not deep in their attacks. At minute 43, Juan Manuel Cuesta entered instead of Vladimir Hernández.

In stoppage time, 9 de Octubre made three changes, seeking victory as a visitor. Danny Luna, José Cazares and Newton Williams left, and Éder Cetre, Glendys Mena and Walberto Caicedo entered.

It was at minute 4 of injury time that Medellín managed to win with a goal from Bryan Castrillón, after a pass from Andrés Ricaurte, the red team made the changes and the powerful team achieved a great result at home. With this victory, the mighty got the first place in group E with four points and +1 in goal difference. On the next date, Independiente Medellín receives Internacional from Brazil in Pereira, while on October 9 it receives Guaireña from Paraguay in Manta.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8