“Cry Macho”, “Tantas Almas” y otros grandes estrenos de cine en Colombia para este fin de semana

The film industry has been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic Since the number of infections increased in Colombia and in the world in March 2020. And particularly, one of the businesses hardest hit by the COVID-19 It was the movie theaters that, for the most part, had not been able to open their doors until a few months ago.

With the reopening of chains like Colombian Cinemathe number of movie theaters available increased, which is added to other franchises such as Cinemark, Procinal and Cinépolis, that continue to announce the films that week after week will hit the country’s billboards.

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That’s why in colombia.com we collect the best premieres that you can find this weekend of 16 of september 2021:

cries male

Mike Milo, a retired rodeo star and horse breeder, accepts an assignment from an old boss: bring his young son back home from Mexico to get him away from his alcoholic mother.

so many souls

José returns home after a long night of fishing. Upon his arrival, he discovers his daughter, shocked by him: his other sons, Dionisio and Rafael, were shot to death and their bodies thrown into the river. José decides to look for them, he wants to bury them as they deserve and prevent them from becoming lost souls. So Many Souls is the story of this solo journey. On his canoe, José will discover the magic of a country in pieces.

Escape Room 2: Deadly Challenge

Continuation of the horror hit “Escape Room” about a deadly edition of the funny game in which the participants have to get rid of puzzles in the rooms.

against the fire

The heroic story of Russian Air Forest Protection Service workers, firefighters and other professionals who risk their lives to put out fires that threaten nature and people.

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It should be remembered that these films and other major releases are available in movie theaters in Cinema Colombia, Cinemark, Procinal, Cinépolis and other cinema chains in the country. To check the schedule for each city you can CLICK HERE.