Cuáles son las tres playas más impresionantes de Zihuatanejo y cuánto presupuesto necesitas para visitarlas

Playa Quieta, Playa Gatas and Playa Blanca in Zihuatanejo (Photo: Twitter/@pedrozibata Twitter/@GuereroEnFoto

Zihuatanejo is part of Warriora state that has beautiful beaches to visit. This town is twin of Ixtapasince it is only 6.5 kilometers away, although each one has its characteristic touch, its magic and its charm.

For many years, Ixtapa was a coconut plantation but little by little it became home to large hotels, restaurants and first class shops for tourists, while Zihuatanejo did grow but remained a simple town and small with craft shops.

This site is usually the favorite of many travelers, because in addition to being a quiet place, It has incredible beaches with beautiful views and that for the most part they are not as crowded as others in Ixtapa or Acapulco.

Zihuatanejo can be the ideal destination to plan a quiet, simple and even cheap trip. Its coastline is 637 kilometers away. The quickest way is to get from the Mexico City along the Morelia highway, although you can also travel on the highway that goes to Acapulco.


In auto from CDMX and taking the Morelia route, six booths will have to be passed with a total cost of 490 pesos one wayNot counting gasoline. Now if it’s in busthe cost of the ticket will be from 480 pesos up to one thousand pesosand it is by plane it will be approximately 2 thousand pesos.

On the other hand, if the chosen option was to go by plane or fly, once in Zihuatanejo it will be necessary to travel by taxi to the different beaches. Meter fares are between 55 to 115 pesos, depending on the distance.


Finding cheap accommodation will be easy, although unfortunately these hotels are not located on the shore of the beach but very close to it. Prices are between 700 pesos to 900 pesos per night and the cheapest ones located on the beach have approximate costs of 1,500 pesos per night.

Image of Quieta beach in Zihuatanejo (Photo: Twitter/@americanovictor)
Image of Quieta beach in Zihuatanejo (Photo: Twitter/@americanovictor)

This place lives up to its name, as it is a very quiet beach, with a low swell and with one length of 300 metersmaking it an excellent choice for swimming, sunbathing and riding kayak.

On the beach there is a formation of rocks that makes a natural pool overlooking the Ixtapa Islandwhich is right in front. Also, you can visit a few establishments to taste a delicious meal and cabins where they do massages.

quiet beach It is located almost 9.7 kilometers north of Ixtapa and can be reached by car, taxi or bicycle. the beach is public and free parking is available at the north end.

Photography of Gatas beach in Zihuatanejo (Photo: Twitter/@viajero_H)
Photography of Gatas beach in Zihuatanejo (Photo: Twitter/@viajero_H)

This beautiful beach is an excellent option to spend the day and admire the view, as it has a clear sand and turquoise blue waters that are assimilated to Tulum or Playa del Carmen. The surf is very calm and full of delicious seafood restaurants.

Because of the crystal clear waters you can take snorkeling tours or rent a boat to enjoy a beautiful sunset. To get there, you have to take the scenic road The clothes which becomes the path of cat beach.

Another way to get there is by taking a boat from the Zihuatanejo Pierthe cost of the ticket is 50 pesos and these boats leave at different times of the day.

Photograph of Playa Blanca, in Zihuatanejo (Photo:
Photograph of Playa Blanca, in Zihuatanejo (Photo:

This beach is one of the longest on the coast of Ixtapa, Zihuatanejoand is in a space where a river meets the sea, in addition to the fact that vegetation and nature form an essential part of the landscape view.

The sand is clear and the waves are intensebecause it is located in an area of ​​open sea. The most outstanding activities are rowing in the river, horseback riding along the shore of the beach.

Due to the natural environment of White beachis great ecotourism interest in the country, as it is home to white pelicans, roseate spoonbills, dipper and night herons, more than 270 bird species.


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