Cuánto costaron las lujosas vacaciones de los hijos de Kimberly Loaiza en el crucero de Disney

Kimberly Loaiza and her family on a Disney cruise trip to the Bahamas (Photo: Instagram @kimberly.loaiza)

One of the most famous youtubers in Mexico, Kimberly Loaizawent on a family trip disney cruise to celebrate the birthday of his first daughter, Evaluationwho turned 3 years old last 12th of July.

For months, Kimberly and her husband John of God Pantojathey had planned a vacation on the cruise ship; however, his second son, named Juan, tested positive for COVID-19 and they had to postpone it for five months.

Children of Kimberly Loaiza on the Disney cruise (Photo: Instagram @kimberly.loaiza)
Children of Kimberly Loaiza on the Disney cruise (Photo: Instagram @kimberly.loaiza)

Finally, they were able to travel to celebrate their little daughter, although the cruise should not have come cheap, because according to a tourism and tours page, called travel pretty it is mentioned that the disney cruise line is paid in dollars.

For three nights on the cruise that goes through the bahamas It is priced from $1,257 to $25,906 for two people. Now, in the case of the youtuber family, which is made up of four people, the trip should have cost twice that price.

Kimberly Loaiza's InstagramStories on the Disney cruise (Photo: Instagram @kimberly.loaiza)
Kimberly Loaiza’s InstagramStories on the Disney cruise (Photo: Instagram @kimberly.loaiza)

And not forgetting the equipment they take with them, such as their nanny and cameramen. However, if only Juan, Kimberly, Kima and Juanito are counted, the vacations cost approximately one million pesos.

Kimberly and Juan de Dios were enjoying themselves together with their children, as they were seen to be very happy through their account. Instagramwhere they shared some moments as a show and others disney attractions.

Kimberly Loaiza on a Disney cruise (Photo: Instagram @kimberly.loaiza)
Kimberly Loaiza on a Disney cruise (Photo: Instagram @kimberly.loaiza)

The cruise that the youtubers took was the Bahamas, therefore it toured tropical ports such as Nassau, key West, Discard and the castaway caywhere the family was able to enjoy a warm climate and beautiful beaches.

Also, both influencers congratulated their firstborn through an Instagram post.

“A few days ago it was my queen’s birthday and I hadn’t uploaded anything because I didn’t have time to grab my cell phone, I just enjoyed her big day with her and we had a lot of fun, but I couldn’t stay without posting something from Kima. This beautiful girl has taught me true love, since she came into my life I know what it means to love unconditionallyher without lifting a finger, without speaking, even without knowing her physically, from my womb, from the day I found out I was pregnant I loved her with all my heart, “Kimberly wrote for her little girl.

youtuber Kimberly loaiza and her family on a Disney cruise (Photo: Instagram @juandediospantoja)
youtuber Kimberly loaiza and her family on a Disney cruise (Photo: Instagram @juandediospantoja)

For his part, Juan de Dios Pantoja also expressed his congratulations on his networks and said: “3 years ago the girl who completely changed everything inside me came into my life. Thanks to this girl I learned to love on a level I did not know. I am living the best stage of my life, thanks for existing my daughter, being your dad is the best thing that has happened to me. I will love you until the last day of life, I will take care of your heart and I will always fight for your happiness. Happy birthday Kima, I adore you and you will always be the apple of my eye.

Finally, the youtuber She expressed that she was very grateful to all her followers for the love and congratulations they expressed towards Kima Loaiza and mentioned that soon he would be posting photos of his trip.

“Thank you for your beautiful congratulations and blessings for my daughter, yesterday we had an incredible time with my 3 year old baby, In the week I will publish some super cute photos of how we spent your birthday, “he tweeted.


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