cuánto cuesta viajar a Mar del Plata, Mendoza y Bariloche

cuánto cuesta viajar a Mar del Plata, Mendoza y Bariloche

The next long weekend is approaching, Easter, and tourism deploys all its artillery to tempt travellers. According to a private survey, the destinations most chosen by Argentines to travel from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 April are: Mar del Plata, Bariloche and Mendoza.

The packages to spend those 4 days of Holy Week range from $52,000 in Mar del Plata to more than $800,000 if the chosen destination is abroad. The other item that tips the balance is whether the choice is to travel by bus or by plane, if it is through Argentina the difference exceeds $100,000that is, the value of one triples that of the other, according to a Focus Market survey.

The study, which was conducted on March 21, was based on a package for two people traveling by bus and staying at a 3-star hotel (with breakfast) for four days and three nights. This way, if the getaway is to “La Feliz” the package reaches $ 52,800while in the case of Mendoza reaches $ 80,000 and if the trip is until Bariloche reaches $105,400.

If the prices of the previous paragraph change the plane, instead of the micro, the prices can triple for those dates. To go to Mar del Plata, for example, of the $ 52,800 that would imply spending if you go by bus, by plane it jumps to $ 157,500; while doing it to Mendoza goes from $80,000 in the first case to $160,000 In a second; and if it’s to San Carlos de Bariloche it goes too far from $100,000, to about $203,000.

Easter tourism

“The long weekend of Holy Week is on its way to surpassing the numbers for 2021, which according to CAME were 1.9 million tourists circulating throughout the country. The Pre-Trip Plan continues to collaborate for record numbers in tourism that will probably exceed the numbers of 2019 when 2.1 million tourists had been transferred for this weekend, ”said Damián Di Pace, director of the Focus Market Consultant.

According to the specialist, “according to Fecoba (Federation of Commerce and Industry of the City of Buenos Aires), which surveyed the SME hotel and gastronomy sector, 3 out of 10 businessmen maintain that tourist activity will increase next Easter weekend betrayed by the departures without restrictions in the year-on-year comparison, the incentive generated by the Previaje plan and the economic differences that exist to leave the country in such a short period of time”.

Travel abroad

On the other hand, the report prepared by Focus Market indicates that the cost of traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by plane and staying in a three-star hotel for two peopleamounts to $ 250,000with travel assistance included. If the option is, instead, Europe, Madrid for example, or Cancun, in Mexico, there the values ​​​​scratch $ 800,000.

Mini vacation in Buenos Aires

From what was revealed by the consultant, there are also options within Buenos Aires, less than two hours from the Federal Capital. In this case, the data collected was accommodation for four days and three nights, for a typical family of two adults and two children under 12 years of age.

If the trip is to Chascomús, for example, which is 120 km from the capital, renting a two-room apartment with a barbecue and Wi-Fi service can cost about $26,000.

In San Pedro, for example, an inn with a communal pool, grill and Wi-Fi, you can get for $53,000. And if instead the getaway is to San Andrés de Giles, a house with a bedroom, pool and barbecue, prices are around $63,000.

Likewise, if the getaway is about 100 kilometers away, you can reach Lobos, where it is possible to stay in a mansion that has a grill, pool and Wi-Fi service.for $76,700.

The most popular destinations

According to the manager of the company Mazza Turismo, Carolina Mazza, the scheduled trips to enjoy tourism during Holy Week are “virtually sold out”and the most prominent and marketed destinations were Mendoza, Salta, Jujuy, Ushuaia and Calafateamong others.

Likewise, Mazza maintained that there is also a demand for trips abroad, above all, to destinations such as Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, the Caribbean and Miami which are other packages sold.

For the specialist, who spoke with channel 12 of Misiones, “Currently, people organize their trips in advance”especially to have a more extended period of payment of installments.

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