Dayana Jaimes publicó mensaje para Martín Elías, luego de 5 años de su muerte

Dayana Jaimes publicó mensaje para Martín Elías, luego de 5 años de su muerte

Today marks five years since that tragic April 14, 2017 when the Vallenato artist Martín Elías Díaz He suffered a spectacular traffic accident that turned off his voice forever.

Martín was a young artist, proud of Vallenato folklore, a singer who was willing to continue the legacy of his father Diomedes Díaz, However, a tragic accident ended his dreams.

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One of the people who suffered the most from the artist’s death was his wife Dayana Jaimes or ‘La mona linda’, as he called her. Jaimes always remembers Martín as that wonderful man dedicated to his family and like the great artist that he was, however, when the day of the anniversary of his death arrives, he expresses the sadness that his departure left behind.

Through her Twitter account, Dayana Jaimes wrote a heartfelt message where she hinted at the pain she still feels for the departure of her husband and remembered the last “I love you” she received from Martin.

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“7:00 am I received your call without thinking that it would be the last time I would hear your voice and since that day I have in my mind and in my heart that last one I love you”expressed Dayana Jaimes.

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Without a doubt, Martín Elías has left a void in the chest of all his relatives and followers. Five years after that fateful goodbye, his songs are still playing.

The entry was first published in El Pilón