Después del escándalo con su ex, Paulo Londra se fue a la playa con su novia actual

Paul London He took a plane to paradise to leave stress behind and your ex’s arguments due to breaches regarding parenting.

Photo of the musician enjoying the Californian summer. (instagram)

It was Martina, his current girlfriend, who was in charge of showing on social networks the incredible view they have from the hotel: it overlooks the west coast of the north country. They also shared photos of their healthy breakfast at the hotel, their walks along the pedestrian street, through Santa Monica and the purchases they made.

@martuquetglas / @paulolondra

Although he prefers the lower profile, she shares every detail of the trip in her stories. The images show the luxuries that the singer is giving himself during his vacations despite having recently experienced a public complaint from his ex-wife, Rocío Moreno, and mother of his daughters Isabella and Francesca, pointing out that he does not fulfill his economic responsibility.

A few weeks ago Londra again starred in a conflict with her ex Rocío Moreno, and mother of her daughters ISabella and Francesca. “How sad, they do not know the anguish and impotence that it feels to want to see your daughter and that they deny you. It is desperate to know that she is not with the person she corresponds to. That she does not comply with what was agreed, what was signed, for which we fought for so many months … It hurts ”, she had written on her networks.

As Teleshow learned, he was in his “holiday week” with the eldest of his daughters that this month he turns two years old and two of the conditions so that he could go with them was that he was always in charge of him and not third parties and that Moreno could talk to the minor whenever he wanted, something that would not have happened.

During those days, Roció would have wanted to contact her daughter and could not, meanwhile, Londra was not with the little girl. His parents, who would be in charge of the girl, would not have let her see her mother and it was then that the Police had to intervene, after the young woman made the complaint. Finally that night Paulo returned to her home where he lives with her parents, the girl was there and the young woman was able to talk to her.