Diana Bolocco y Cristián Sánchez mostraron divertido viaje a Europa

A little over a week ago, Diana Bolocco and Cristián Sánchez undertook a trip with their two children, Gracia and Facundo, through Europe.

The pair of animators enjoys in the middle of the children’s vacations, which is why they have toured different cities in several countries of the old continent.

Spain, France, Croatia, are so far the destinations of which they have shared some photos on their social networks, where they have been recounting a bit of the trip.

For example, during the days in Madrid, Spain, the cheerleader of The ChallengerHe declassified that he was happy about this family adventure, but a little uncomfortable due to the heat wave that is hitting Europe, the continent where they are in the middle of summer.

Likewise, Cristián Sánchez also published a Tik Tok challenge, simulating moving quickly with his children and Diana to the Eiffel Tower, in France.

And from there, the now Channel 13 communicator also reflected on the trip. “How nice to be able to travel as a family (although we are missing the two big ones). Have time to connect, to listen, to be. Very valuable!” he commented.

Daughter of Diana Bolocco and Cristián Sánchez adopted a particular ‘pet’

Of course, the little daughter of the television couple, Grace Sanchez Boloccodrew attention during the trip for adopting a pet, which caused more than one extra stop for the family.

“Visiting the French house of Mickey Mouse. Impossible not to remember Javiera Contador and his Viña routine every second. Remember? Unforgettable!” he began by saying.

The actress of Married with children responded to this message, who assured between laughs: “They are still older. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it more. Or did you mean ‘we’re on vacation’? Big hug! Enjoy!”.

Meanwhile, Diana added: “Well, if they slide they will also meet our new family member. It’s the little mouse Nieves. We found it in a kiosk on the Champs Élysées, it came along with an Eiffel Tower keyring (from which it was quickly removed).”

“From there it became one more member of our trip, and we had to stop at every kiosk in Paris to greet his relativesconcluded.