Donde comprar preventa Spiderman No Way Home en Colombia – Cine y Tv – Cultura

Donde comprar preventa Spiderman No Way Home en Colombia - Cine y Tv - Cultura

The presale for him premiere of ‘Spiderman with no way home It has generated such an influx of people that the pages of the main cinema and ticket reservation companies in various countries of the world have fallen.

The film, in which other Spider-Man from previous films are expected to be, will be released on December 16 in Colombia.

In the case of Colombia, the page of cinepolisThe only chain that started pre-sale of the ‘Spider-Man’ movie, is unstable. In other countries like Mexico, the madness has been such that all the pages of the cinema chains have collapsed.

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Worldwide, several portals, including the official Sony Pictures portal, have also presented falls and instability due to the simultaneous influx of people looking for a ticket for the premiere of ‘Spiderman No Way Home’.

Where to buy the pre-sale of Spiderman No Way Home in Colombia

In the case of Colombia, as can be seen on social networks, the presale for ‘Spiderman no way home’ at Cine Colombia would be a week before the film’s premiere, scheduled for December 16.

The other chains Cinemark, Procinal and Royal Films have not yet revealed when the presale for the long-awaited movie ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’as it is called in Spanish, which will bring the multiverse to the world of the arachnid and the return of iconic villains such as Dr Octopus, the ‘green goblin’, ‘Sandman’ and ‘Electro’, all of them facing spider-man.