Egan Bernal rompió el silencio y contó secretos de su accidente

Egan Bernal rompió el silencio y contó secretos de su accidente

On January 24, 2022, the Colombian cyclist egan bernal He suffered a serious accident when he collided with an inter-municipal bus on one of the highways in Bogotá while training with his team.

Due to this, Bernal had multiple fractures that put his sports life at risk. Despite this, underwent more than 6 surgeries on his bodyfrom which all his followers thought he would recover in a long time. However, after a few weeks, Egan began to take his first steps and even went back to riding a bikeact that was known through their social networks.

In the same way, this Saturday, the cyclist connected with his followers through a ‘live’ from his Instagram account, in which He broke the silence and told what the secret was for such a fast recovery.

“Two months ago I was in bed and I didn’t think I would be right now like I am. All this thanks to the impulse of the people ”, was the phrase with which he began his story.

He also recalled the day he regained the strength to ride a bicycle, assuring that it was the best day of his life. “Being able to ride with my friends, my family, my mom, my little brother, it was very nice, it was special.In addition, we did it with the doctor who operated on my back, which was one of the most complicated surgeries I had, “he said.

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Egan Bernal has always stood out for his passion, talent and above all, the dedication he has put into his career, a fact that has led them to receive more than one victory. However, The cyclist confessed to having thought about a possible retirement or pause in his sports career.

“Obviously cycling is my life, I am passionate about this. The first thing I thought was the same, first, look good. At the time I thought about it, cycling is worth shit, first my life and my family. That lasted me a week. Then I started to move my leg, to feel that it’s not worth that much egg either.”

Finally, Bernal predicted the times in which he hopes to compete again, affirming that the support of his followers and the backing of his team, the Team Ineoshas been indispensable in his process.

“I want to recover as soon as possible, but I have to listen to my body and recover to compete again. I have no desire. In the team they have supported me, they send me messages of support, of doing things calmly. Take me as long as you need. That calms me down. I will do everything possible to be in competition as soon as possible. Finishing a race would be important to me.”