Egan: “Me siento más enfermo caminando que sobre la bicicleta”

Egan: “Me siento más enfermo caminando que sobre la bicicleta”

You have to take advantage of the miracle and move on”. This was one of Egan Bernal’s phrases during a virtual shoot organized by several sponsors and broadcast live through the official Instagram account of the Ineos Grenadiers cyclist.

The Colombian spoke about what recalls the accident suffered on January 24 on the roads of Cundinamarca while training and for which he was hospitalized for several days and underwent various surgeries, in addition to the quick recovery process that has you back on the bike.

“There are many people who remind me of what happened. My family and my work group ask me to make it easy, that there is no pressure. I understand them, but I feel that the body leaves me. I’m not going to be stupid to squeeze the body more than it allows because it would be going back weeks in the recovery, but I feel that the body leaves me and I will do everything I can, following the instructions of the experts. The recovery has been so good that I can ride a bike without any pain. I feel sicker walking, that touches me with a cane, than on the bicycleBernal commented.

His desire to return to competition

The Colombian was grateful for the opportunity that life gave him, recalling that on multiple occasions he was told that surviving that accident is a miracle: “Everything has been very fast just getting out of the hospital. It was a few days, almost nothing considering the blow I gave myself. It has been a miracle, being able to be on the bike. We have to take advantage of the little miracle and move on”.

Egan answered several questions from his followers and expressed his desire to officially compete again: “I want to compete, put on my number and go out and do what I like the most. This is what I live for. I don’t have a date yet, it’s very complicated at the moment and it would be irresponsible of me to put unnecessary pressure on myself. Everyone will be patient with me. Nothing will happen if I compete this year or the next. When I feel good, I’m going to do it, I’ll be the first to pressure the team to send me to a race, but there’s still time for that to happen”.

To close the event and the talk, the cyclist thanked for the messages of support: “It’s something important. Before leaving the hospital, the cleaning lady would arrive and she would tell me: ‘yesterday we made a rosary in her name so that she recovers’. It’s something that impacts, someone I don’t know who sends me all the good energy. As there were many, that serves too much. I have that extra motivation to inspire people, and especially children. I thank you all for your good energy and the brands that followed me”.