El bulling de los seguidrores de Petro a la última foto que Marbelle en sus redes sociales

El bulling de los seguidrores de Petro a la última foto que Marbelle en sus redes sociales

The renowned singer Marbelle has had very hectic weeks after the multiple criticisms she has made on her official social networks of the vice-presidential candidate for the Historical Pact, Francia Márquez, for which many network users have classified her as “racist”, “classist” and above all a “bad person” after his controversial comments.

For this reason, although the ex-Factor X juror tries to continue with her normal life and her common publications on social networks, users are frequently reminding you that they are against your opinions. Above all, those who are on the other political shore of Valle del Cauca.

This is how it happened this Wednesday, April 13, since Marbelle decided to publish a photo of her on her personal Instagram account and although the singer looked very good and this would make one think that she would receive many positive comments, the reality was different.

The comments of the publication were filled with people who criticize the way the singer behaves, since they constantly accuse her of being a classist person, and some others claim to be disappointed in Marbelle as a person.

But without a doubt, the ones that attracted the most attention in the Instagram comments were the followers of the presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, since there were many who left the same comment on the singer’s post: “Petro Presidente”, was read several times in the comments on the photo of the famous singer.

Without a doubt, Petro’s followers comment on her photos for showing herself to be a fervent fan of the Colombian right and of Uribismo in recent years, a reason that has also caused many Uribistas to defend her on social networks and even qualify her as a ” great patriot”, since she has shown herself, on more than one occasion, as a defender of the government and critic of its opponents and of the Colombians who protest.

After the controversy that was generated in the different social networks, the leader of Human Colombia referred once again to his idea of ​​promulgating “social forgiveness”, which would include all the actors who have harmed the country in some way. way.

“Social forgiveness is not for two brothers, social forgiveness is for everyone. It is a revolutionary act that does not depend on me, it depends on society. It is not a legal act, it is a social act that begins a new era”, she specified.

In his personal Twitter account, Marbelle did not ignore these statements and criticized the Cordovan senator again. Likewise, she launched a new taunt and compared her phrase with the “ancestral hugs” of Francia Márquez.

“Social forgiveness is like an ancestral embrace. They send us ancestral madrazos”, wrote the so-called queen of the technorail, regarding the idea of ​​the former mayor of Bogotá.

Likewise, the leader of Human Colombia has received quite a bit of criticism from his supporters. Even one of the most controversial petristas with this fact was Beto Coral, who managed to be on the lists of the Historic Pact to the House of Representatives.