El cachetazo de Will Smith habría desatado feroz pelea entre Thandiwe Newton y Channing Tatum

El cachetazo de Will Smith habría desatado feroz pelea entre Thandiwe Newton y Channing Tatum

The Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angelesin the middle of the Oscar awards ceremony, it was just the first link in a chain of scandals. To the comings and goings of the Academy, the public apology of the actor of men in black and the words of his wife, Jada Pinckett Smith, were added to the dozens of stars who decided to take sides. Y the discussion was not exhausted in the week of that historic Sunday, but it seems to be more current than ever.

Neither the British actress newton nor the american channing tatum They were not present at the last big Hollywood gala nor did they publicly explain their opinion on the commented altercation. However, there are more and more versions that indicate that that slap ended up being decisive for the work and personal relationship between the two to end abruptly.

Newton was going to be the female lead in Magic Mike’s Last Dancethe third film in the saga of male strippers that Tatum directs and produces. The two actors shared the set for 10 days, but suddenly, the protagonist of Western world decided to step aside.

This Wednesday it was announced that the role of Newton had been left in the hands of Salma Hayek and the rumors began to sound more and more strongly, first on the networks and then in the media. One of the first to give an account of that version, which at that point was already an open secret, was Sun. The British newspaper reported that the two performers got into an argument that ended up turning “unimaginably violent.”

Thandiwe Newton. (Photo by Araya Doheny/WireImage)

The event would have happened last week and that heated exchange of opinions would have reached “amazing levels” before the actor decided to leave the set very obfuscated. A member of the film crew stated: “They fought over the debacle at the Oscars”making clear reference to the historic slap that Smith gave Rock, after the host joked about his wife’s alopecia problem. That same source assured the tabloid: “It was a tense exchange of words, but it suddenly escalated: Channing got in his car and disappeared.”

The truth is that the shooting of the third film of magic mike stopped after 11 days. And just a few days later, the protagonist and producer of the film would have said: “I will no longer work with her.”

Although it was not specified on which side of the crack that woke up that slap each one is, vanity fair indicated that the two maintain a certain bond with the protagonists: while Newton shared a poster with Smith in the film The Pursuit of HappynessIn 2006, Jada Pinkett Smith was part of the cast of Magic Mike XXLfrom 2015.

Perhaps the key to understanding which side Tatum is on has been given by his new girlfriend, Zoë Kravitz. The actress who personifies Catwoman in the batman He is part of the group of celebrities who did not hesitate to take sides. In his case, he did it from minute zero.

The same night of the incident, Kravitz shared on her Instagram account a photograph in which she was seen posing on the red carpet, and decided to accompany the image with a powerful text full of irony: “Here, a photo of my dress on the award show where we apparently now assault people on stage.”

And in case any of his followers had not understood his message, he redoubled it just a few hours later, when he shared on the same social network a selfie at the traditional post-Oscar party organized by vanity fair. “And here, a picture of my dress at the after-awards party where we are apparently now yelling profanities and assaulting people on stage.” As the hours passed, the actress decided to delete both publications, but her position had already become clear.

Although neither Newton nor Tatum specifically referred to the fact that determined that the actress left the project, the press officer of the actress assured her daily mail that the version of a fight between them because of the historic slap “is completely inaccurate.” In turn, a spokesperson for Warner Bros issued a statement stating: “Thandiwe Newton has made the difficult decision to step away from the production of Magic Mike’s Last Dance to take care of family matters.