El despiste de Carlos Sobera durante sus vacaciones en la Riviera Maya

Carlos Sobera.

After the final gala ‘secret story’ last week in which Rafa emerged as the winner of the edition, but there was still the end debatethat took place this Tuesday, supposedly in rigorous direct.

Nevertheless, an error in social networks by the presenter, Carlos Sobera, has revealed thatAlthough they wanted the viewers to believe that it was being broadcast live, it really it had been recorded four days beforejust one day after the final.


Carlos Sobera is enjoying a few days of relaxation and disconnectionin fact, it seems that the holidays have relaxed the presenter so much that has made a small mistake on their social networks that has revealed that the final debate of ‘Secret Story’ had been recorded previously to its issuance.

The Basque shared a photo on Instagram in which he boasted of the paradisiacal place he had traveled to during your vacation, the Mayan Rivierawhich managed to arouse great confusion among his followers.

The presenter and his wife, Patricia Santamarina, have traveled to Mexico to enjoy a few days of sun and tranquility during Holy Weekwhere Sobera’s enthusiasm for making her followers participate in the beautiful place where she is found made her discover, inadvertently, that the debate was being broadcast on a deferred basis.

Many of his fans then decided to ask the television about his vacations.yes Carlos pointed out that his days off began this Wednesday, April 13, but the truth is that on Tuesday he was already more than 8,000 kilometers from Madrid.

You’re on vacation?“, one of them tells him, to which he replies ” From tomorrow!!“, without wanting to give further fuel to his full-blown blunder.


For these rest days, Carlos Sobera and his wife have chosen the Zoetry ParaĆ­so de La Bonitaa five-star hotel, several swimming pools and a suite that offers champagne daily and costs around 700 euros per night.

The hotel is located on the beach and has, among other services, a spa, restaurants and a gym.

Located in a tropical setting, it has a hundred luxury suites surrounded by a dream setting, in which Surely the marriage enjoys unforgettable days.