El dólar digital “será el acto más traidor de la historia de EE. UU”: Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, author of personal finance book Rich father poor fathercriticized the executive order that US President Joe Biden signed in early March. In it, the president proposed the development of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) or digital dollar.

In a Tweet published yesterday, the famous businessman and investor described the possible launch of a digital dollar as the “most treacherous act in the history of the United States”. He also considers the development of a CBDC an act of “communism in its purest form.”

Kiyosaki used to criticize the monetary policy of the United States, based on the issuance of money in bulk. As she has said before, fiat money “is fake and cheats workers, while smart people save gold, silver and bitcoin,” she adds.

Recognized as one of the world’s foremost financial experts, Kiyosaki has also pointed out that the current centralized, government-controlled, and under the domination of the US Federal Reserve, is a communist.

Precisely because bitcoin is the opposite, is that Kiyosaki He has declared himself a great enthusiast of the pioneer of cryptocurrencieswhich is decentralized and is not under the control of any State or any authority.

What he sees coming is that when the dollar becomes a central bank digital currency, his monetary policy will remain inflationary. Very contrary to bitcoin, whose emission is finite and is programmed in its protocol (limited to 21 million units).


In that same order of ideas Kiyosaki has invited to analyze the cases of the national currencies of Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Argentinawhich have been devalued to the point of being doomed to disappear.

What has happened to these coins is no different than what the Weimar Republic and Hitler did in Germany in 1920 and America is doing today, it is no different. And most people have no idea what’s going on right now when America is turning socialist, Marxist and possibly communist, that’s what frustrates me.

Robert Kiyosaki, on the monetary policy of the United States.

Stay awake, unplug and take care of yourself with bitcoin

Now that concerns about inflation levels around the world are on the rise and there is a latent danger of a global financial crisis, Kiyosaki advises his followers: “stay awake, tune in to Rickards, tune out Biden and take care of yourself.”

By disconnecting from Biden and taking care of yourself, he suggests moving away from centralization and the monetary policy applied by governments, while what he calls taking care of yourself is generally protecting yourself with bitcoin.

He also recommends that the community tune in to Jim Rickards, who is an economist and investment banker with 40 years of experience on Wall Street.

Rickards is a critical of the digital dollar and of CBDCs in general, which he often refers to as “Bitcoin’s evil cousin”.

Recently Richards has come forward with alarming claims about what he calls “C-Day” which is supposed to happen on December 13, 2022.

As Richards predicts, ‘C-Day’ the traditional financial system will collapse, the US dollar will fall and paper money will become useless. From his perspective, the departure of governments will be the launch of CBDCs that will not solve anything, but will be the method that governments and banks will stick to in order to continue the infinite issuance of money.