El emotivo saludo entre el príncipe Guillermo y Luis Díaz en la final de la FA Cup

Luis Díaz took all the honors in the grand final of the FA Cup. The Colombian was a fundamental bulwark in Liverpool’s victory against Chelsea, being one of the most incisive footballers in looking for the goal for his team.

After an exciting tie in the 90 minutes of play, the actions were defined from the twelve steps, a way in which the reds They prevailed with a tight 6-5. This is how he got up with his second title this season. At the end of the match, Luis Díaz was chosen as the best player of the match, obtaining a rating of 9 points.

The peasant added his second title with Liverpool. – Photo: Getty Images

However, since the previous one, the peasant had stolen everyone’s looks. In the formal acts, just when the teams were settling in on the field of play, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge addressed each player to extend his hand and greet them.

The greeting between the grandson of Queen Elizabeth and the Colombian was quite emotional, being one of the images of the day in the United Kingdom after the final.

What are Diaz’s titles?

After the conquest at the mythical Wembley, Díaz reached his ninth title in his professional career. As he is already known, he showed himself to the world with Junior de Barranquilla; With the team from La Arenosa, the attacker began to show signs of talent and hierarchy on the field, which immediately captivated locals and foreigners who believed in him.

With the sharks, Díaz won his first trophy in 2017, when they became champions of the Colombia Cup against Independiente Medellín. On that occasion, Junior became strong at home to close the series against the powerful with a 2-0.

A year later, Luis Díaz, having more prominence on the pitch with Junior, won his second trophy and his first in the league with the Sharks.

The eighth star for the city of Barranquilla came again beating Independiente Medellín. The first duel of the grand final ended with a resounding 4-1 in favor of Junior; however, in the second leg, the tension and nervousness weighed heavily so that the powerful were very close to coming back, winning 3-1.

With his eyes set by big clubs in Europe, Díaz would say goodbye to Junior with a new consecration. In 2019, the sharks won the Super League that year by beating Deportes Tolima from twelve steps.

After that, the guajiro would take suitcases to European football arriving at Porto, a team with which he had his best numbers for three years.

Beyond his goals and dribbling on the pitch, Díaz managed to win a total of three trophies with the Dragons. In his first season, the Colombian debuted with the consecration of the Portuguese league and cup in the 2019-2020 season.

Just one year later, he would win the eighth achievement of his career, by winning the Portuguese Super Cup in the 2020-2021 season.