El impacto de los paros y protestas en viajes de turismo a Huancayo y selva central | ECONOMIA

El impacto de los paros y protestas en viajes de turismo a Huancayo y selva central | ECONOMIA

For the holidays that are coming up for Easter, the hotels and restaurants of Huancayo and the central jungle were preparing to reactivate their businesses. However, recent anti-government unrest has taken its toll.

The president of the Federation of Central Chambers of Commerce, Luis Calmell del Solar, pointed out that the uncertainty due to the seizure of highways and the closure of businesses in the center of the country led to the cancellation of up to 40% of reservations at that time. .

“I don’t know to what extent these reservations will be made again. The damage is already done, we have to bear the loss. It’s a shame because there was a lot of expectation”, he commented to Management, after demanding promotion initiatives by the Government.

He said that businesses in the Mantaro Valley, Huánuco, Pichanaqui, Oxapampa, Pozuzo and other places had set up their facilities and had organized festivals. Thus, he hopes that tourists will be encouraged again these days.

However, he considered that the declaration of Emergency on the highways may have generated confusion by being understood as a closure of the roads.

Expectation in agriculture

Although Callmel del Solar and other union leaders from the center were not invited to the Council of Ministers that took place in Huancayo, the union representative indicated that the Government offered a series of measures to support farmers. Among them, the importation of fertilizers from Bolivia to provide greater access.

He also promised to quintuple the production of guano on the island to favor national agriculture. However, he stated that not all farmers were happy. “There was repetitive rhetoric, few concrete things,” he noted.

Cattle raising

Regarding the norm for the greater use of fresh milk in the elaboration of evaporated milk, he pointed out that although it will favor the ranchers of the center and other regions of the country, its application must be carried out with care to avoid affecting the demand.

And it is that, at present, fresh milk is bought for that purpose, but there is still not enough volume to cover that need in its entirety, he pointed out.