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After 94 years of splendorthe glory days of the train “Orient Express” they reached their sunset. The May 19, 1977from the Gare de Lyon departed the last trip.

The On October 4, 1883, the most luxurious and comfortable train that Europe had ever seen departed from Paris.. On a journey that lasted 77 hours and 35 minuteswas the best in historythe king of trains, a symbol and a myth. To the point that It would be the train that would star in the most movies, that would inspire the most novels, and in which the most murders would take place.

After his last trip he was dismembered and sold for parts.. Some wagons ended up in millionaires’ gardens and others in remote towns. Some were even used in Spain on the Madrid-Cádiz line.

in al year 2016, some wagons were recovered. Now, hand in hand with the Accor hotel brandthe luxury train Eastern Express relive the legend almost 140 years after the first trip that would change history forever. In 2024just in time for the Paris Olympicswill wear in operation the new “Orient Express La Dolce Vita”.

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Will be much more than a train ride. You will welcome your passengers in six trainsoffering six itineraries in which will explore Italy from north to southalong with some international routes that will allow visiting Paris, Istanbul and Croatia. In addition, those who travel by this means will be able to spend from one to three nights on board the trainswith enough time to enjoy each destination.

Aboard 17 original wagons dating from the 1920s and 1930stravelers will be able to relive history. they will be decorated alluding to the 1960s and 1970speriod known as the sweet life. There will be 12 luxury cabins, 18 suites, an honor suite and a restaurant. The Interior designs for the first nine cars will be revealed in December. They will include six sleeping cars, a restaurant, a bar and an “experiential lounge”. The remaining eight cars will be gradually unveiled by 2024.

The train will have three types of suitesincluding one Presidential Suite that will occupy an entire wagon. Each suite will have its own bathroom. The last public car, the lounge, will host shows and events.

Regarding the itinerary, the specific destination is Italy, where the future railway dedicated to Dolce Vita will cover a total of 16,000 kilometers (of which 7,000 are historic and not yet electrified) along 14 of the 20 regions of the country. It will stop and post in 130 cities like Florence, Genoa, Rome or Naples. The itineraries will also be international: Paris, Istanbul and Split. Travelers can choose between 10 different tours within Italy Besides three international destinations mentioned above.

Of course he trip It will not be suitable for all pockets. It will have a high price, with trips that will be around 2,000 euros per person and night, all inclusive.