El muy joven novio de Aída Morales de MasterChef

El muy joven novio de Aída Morales de MasterChef

The young boyfriend of actress Aída Morales. Photo: Instagram @fabiancopete

Through social networks, Fabian Copete Torresboyfriend of Colombian actress Aida Morales, He remembered and showed that love has no age limits.

The ‘MasterChef’ participant would have started dating the young subject in 2020, but it was until April 2021 that she wanted to formalize their relationship.

In this same year, Aída published some photos on her Instagram with her new love along with a moving message. “I can regret many things. For example, talking to the media about my private life, because with that I give strangers the opportunity to think stupid things about what they don’t know. But what I will never regret is having given love the thousand opportunities I gave it, to love the man I love. What is younger? Yes and what?”.

After her divorce in 2014 after 23 years of marriage, the artist did not want to reveal her new relationship, and although she shows little of her personal life, this time she showed how happy and in love she is.

Aida Morales is one of the most recognized actresses in Colombia, since her debut as an extra in ‘Cuentas de Domingo’, and her flight to national television in ‘Padres e Hijos’, she has not stopped demonstrating her innate talent.

Morales, who won the affection of viewers for his simplicity and great personality, has appeared in more than 20 soap operas, 25 movies and five plays. Currently, she is on the RCN reality show, ‘MasterChef’, a program in which she stands out as one of her great favorites thanks to her seasoning and creativity in the kitchen.

Sebastián Mejía, better known in Colombian entertainment as Tatan Mejiais an extreme athlete who today participates in the gastronomic contest MasterChef Celebrity Colombiapositioning himself as one of the favorites and an expert in plate decoration. In addition, the motocross player is recognized for being married to the presenter Maleja Restrepowith whom he has been in a relationship for 12 years from which they were born Guadalupe and Macarena.

The ‘partners’, as this couple calls themselves, are admired by their followers because, despite so many years of relationship, they have not lost the chemistry and intimacy that characterizes them. Precisely, in the last hours, Restrepo revealed that Mejía’s participation in the famous RCN program has been a “family challenge”.

After Tatán Mejía made a live broadcast cooking with Estiwar G On her Instagram, the presenter decided to reveal on her profile, to her 4 million followers, what it means to live the competition from her home. “You do not know what it is to live this reality behind Sebas, every day. It’s living in constant stress; as in an up and down, with happiness and sadness, but with the satisfaction that we are achieving it”.

The statements of the presenter from Cali arose as a result of the live performance made by the contestants, as they showed their followers what the challenges really are like, in the last minutes, without the edition made by the channel. Many of the users who connected to instagram live they claimed to be stressed at the last minute, thinking that everything Tatán Mejía and Estiwar G had done had gone wrong; They assured that this is how they live it every day.


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