El padre de Ben Affleck habla del compromiso y los planes de boda de su hijo con Jennifer Lopez 

El padre de Ben Affleck habla del compromiso y los planes de boda de su hijo con Jennifer Lopez 

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A week after the announcement of the commitment between Ben Affleck and Jennifer LopezThe father of the actor spoke about it. Timothy Affleck in interview for the united states sun He confessed that because he has not spoken to his son for years, the little he knows about him is through information portals, but he is very happy with the news.

“I haven’t talked to them in years, but if everything you read on the internet is true, they’re having a good time together…That’s fine with me! I am happy about it,” she mentioned.

The father of the Oscar-winning actor mentioned that he regrets that of all the things his son has worked on, they believe that the most important thing is that he got engaged once again to JLo.

“I am very proud of him. He is quite busy with all his new activities. He has been working a lot, which no one seems to care about. They care about romance.” said.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got engaged a year after getting back together
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When asked if he believes that this time Jennifer Lopez and his son walk down the aisle unlike what happened to them 17 years ago, Timothy said:

I don’t know anything about wedding plans or anything like that. But I don’t imagine there will be a repeat of the last wedding arrangements…The last time the media went crazyyes They just went crazy, and I’m sure it had an effect; It would have an effect on anyone, really.

“But I imagine they can handle it more now, I hope so. Ben is getting up there; he is reaching 50”he added.

What does Timothy Affleck think of Jennifer Lopez?

In the same conversation Timothy Affleck took advantage of the space to talk about the qualities he sees in Jennifer Lopez, whom he described as a hard-working and wonderful woman.

“I met Jennifer when they first dated…There are many things I admire about her. She is quite a special woman. What I like most about her is that she did everything herself. She raised herself on so many different levels. She’s obviously very talented… She’s very hard-working, and I admire that. I think that she deserves everything that she receives, ”she sentenced.

Jlo made his relationship with Ben Affleck official during the celebrations for his 52nd birthday
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Finally, when asked if he is thinking of attending his son’s next wedding with the “Diva del Bronx”, Timothy was delighted, wishing the couple the best in this new stage.

“It’s always great to see my grandchildren and my son. It will be nice to see Jennifer. I hope everything goes well for them”concluded.