El papa Francisco no descarta viajar a Kiev

El papa Francisco no descarta viajar a Kiev

A trip to kyiv is on the table dad. This has been confirmed by Supreme Pontiff to journalists during the plane ride he took to visit Malta this weekend.

Nor did he rule out this Friday, in front of the president of Poland visit the border of this country through which they arrive million Ukrainians.

Upon his arrival in Malta, the pope delivered a speech in which has avoided mentioning Vladimir Putin, to maintain a mediating posture. Without naming him, he has spoken of _”some powerfulsadly locked in the anachronistic pretensions of nationalist interests, which provokes and foments conflicts”. _

In his speech at the Palace of the Grand Master, seat of the presidency, Francisco recalled one of the fathers of the Italian Constitution and mayor of Florence, Giorgio La Pira, who referred sixty years ago to the responsibility of the Mediterranean area in the then “clash of interests and ideologies” that shook humanity due to a “unbelievable childishness”.

“Sadly it hasn’t disappeared” and “It reappears arrogantly in the seductions of the autocracy, in the new imperialisms, in the generalized aggressiveness in the inability to build bridges and to start with the poorest.”

The pope has also warned that there is a risk that the war in Ukraine could become “in an enlarged cold war”. In turn, Francis has addressed the issue of migration from the heart of the Mediterranean, which was the one that initially led the pontiff to visit the country.

In this sense, he referred to the program of the EU which forms the coast guard of Libya that combats the smuggling of migrants. Francis has described the Libyan detention centers as concentration camps and has shamed the European Union for his complicity in the abuses committed.

The dad highlighted that “the migratory phenomenon is not a circumstance of the moment” for what it requires “broad and shared responses” and they can’t bear the problem “only some countries, while others remain indifferent” and gave the example of the refugees who are arriving from Ukraine after the invasion of Russia.

But he also criticized “that civilized countries can sanction in their own interest shady agreements with criminals who enslave people” in an allusion to the pacts with Libya by countries such as Malta and Italy, which allow the return of migrants to that country.

“The Mediterranean needs European co-responsibility, to once again become a scene of solidarity and not be the outpost of a tragic shipwreck of civilizations”Francis asserted that tomorrow he will conclude this trip by visiting a migrant center.