El perfil de Shannon de Lima en su auto que promete enloquecer a James Rodríguez

El perfil de Shannon de Lima en su auto que promete enloquecer a James Rodríguez

Shannon de Lima dazzles in a luxury car with spectacular poses plus an incredible profile that James Rodríguez will surely not lose sight of. We show it below…

Shannon from Lima She continues to impress on her social networks, because in addition to modeling different styles in swimsuits, she also exudes elegance with clothing belonging to prestigious brands that They make her look like a goddess.

The beautiful model shares her beauty secrets with her followers and how she keeps her figure intact in a simple way, becoming a fashion influencer and reference to look fantastic.

From the sentimental level, a long time ago he had a love relationship with the footballer James Rodriguez, idyll that seems to have come to an end, but close sources assure that the Colombian player does not lose sight of her and less before the impressive images that stand out in his instagram account.

Shannon de Lima with James Rodriguez

On several occasions, Shannon from Lima has highlighted its impressive anatomy, especially from his luxurious van in which he takes countless selfies from different poses, falling in love and stealing the breath of all his admirers.

It should be noted that the Venezuelan, is used to enjoy amazingwalks, trips and recreation driving your vehiclemoment that he takes advantage of to delight his fans with different images at the wheel.

We show you below, his spacious luxury transport with the profile that could drive James Rodríguez crazy:

Shannon de Lima posing in the rear view mirror

+ Watch Shannon de Lima’s video: