el técnico Pinto rompió en llanto por la muerte de Freddy Rincón

el técnico Pinto rompió en llanto por la muerte de Freddy Rincón

The loss of Freddy Rincón, one of the biggest soccer stars, has been painful both for his family and friends and for his followers, who remember him with admiration and affection.

The farewell to the ‘Colossus’ has been especially difficult for coach Jorge Luis Pinto, who was not only his mentor, but was more than that, he was like a son to him.

In an interview with Noticias Caracol, Pinto broke down in tears as soon as the journalist asked him about the death of the former soccer player, which moved all Colombians.

“A great footballer left, a man whose humility led him to be great. A man whose leg never hurt to work, he dedicated himself to football, a humble man,” Pinto said through tears.

And he added: “Whoever wants to be great like him has to learn to work.”

Freddy Eusebio Rincón’s sports career was marked in its beginnings and in its endings by the presence of a man who was his mentor: Santander coach Jorge Luis Pinto.

Being very young, the footballer who made the jump from Atlético Buenaventura to Independiente Santa Fe arrived in the capital of the Republic with dreams and hopes of becoming what he would later be: a legend of Colombian football.

There, in 1986, Rincón, at the age of 19, took his first steps in professionalism under the baton of Pinto, who received him and gave him the confidence to become a great leader.

“He had a truck body, but a Volkswagen engine. That was the great evolution he had. We taught him to play team football with speed,” said the experienced strategist.

With the ‘cardinal’ shirt he won his first title. He won the Copa Colombia in 1989 in a squad where he shared with teammates such as Adolfo el ‘Tren’ Valencia, Armando el ‘Pollo’ Díaz and Héctor el ‘Rambo’ Sosa, among others.

Freddy Rincón celebrates the goal scored against Germany in Italy 90.

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“When I saw his potential in Santa Fe, I came to say that the team would be ‘Freddy Rincón and 10 more’, he was very technical, fast, strong and followed instructions. I took a lot of affection for him, in the team they said he was like my son” said George Louis.

A year later, Pinto and Rincón took different paths. Freddy signed for América de Cali, where he became known in the international arena and which later served him to continue his career in the world’s great teams in Brazil and Europe.

Despite the distance that their profession placed between them, Jorge Luis and Freddy never lost their bond of friendship and maintained a close relationship.

Soccer gave them the opportunity to meet again in the fields. In the 2019 season, he chose him as a technical assistant after his retirement, to accompany him in Millonarios, because, according to him, his experience was of great importance for new players.

“He talked a lot with the boys, I told them to listen to him, to learn from his experiences as a soccer player. Freddy is a very respectful, timely man, he speaks what he has to speak and is very discreet,” Pinto commented.

Jorge Luis had to separate from Rincón to go direct in the United Arab Emirates, since he decided that he needed a person who was more fluent in English, however, he assures that Freddy took it very well, and they kept in constant contact.

“It hurt and it cost me a lot to leave him to go to manage in the Emirates, however, he understood it. We constantly talked on the phone, although our last meeting was more than a year ago,” said the experienced coach.

Jorge Luis and Freddy were not only united by football but by a relationship that lasted for many years. That is why the technician said goodbye to his friend with a heartfelt message.

“Today my soul hurts. I am very sad with the departure of an admirable human being who, with his football, conquered the hearts of the world. Freddy, my dear friend, I will miss you forever! My solidarity hug for his whole family, ”he wrote.