el tenso ambiente que se vive a las afueras de la clínica

el tenso ambiente que se vive a las afueras de la clínica

The pilgrimage begins at 5:00 in the morning outside the Imbanaco clinic, where ex-soccer player Freddy Rincón has been in critical condition since Monday.

The first to arrive are the journalists from different media, in addition to the cameramen to install their tripods in the best place, always ‘pointing’ towards the main door of the medical center.

It is waiting for the news. And as the hours go by, the place gets busier because the nurses arrive for the start of the shift.

Added to that is the stop that passers-by always ask any journalist about the situation in Rincón.

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Everyone stands guard. The murmur is felt when the clock approaches 8:00 in the morning, the scheduled time for the medical part of the day.

You have to queue to enter through one of the side doors. Inside, a table with a white tablecloth awaits, which in seconds is filled with microphones from the different stations and newscasts.

In front of that table are the cameramen, again ‘pointing’ and the target is the doctor Laureano Quintero, in charge of delivering the most awaited news.

When he arrives there is silence. The doctor settles down and with a worried face and in two minutes, he gives the medical report —as worrying as yesterday’s—, which leaves everyone with a prolonged silence.

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The ‘live’ ones don’t even feel. There is a feeling of pain in journalists, beyond having to analyze and deliver news.

One by one they go out to settle in one of the corridors outside, again waiting for another doctor’s attention, or waiting for the arrival of some relative of the ‘Colossus’ of Buenaventura.

And while that happens, you have to check the cell phone to ‘check’ the network information.

The wait is long and the fatigue is interrupted by a fan who starts jumping with the Colombian flag in front of the press and with his back to the main entrance of the Clinic, chanting the name of Freddy as one does in a stadium.

For some media, “this works”, and they line up batteries to record and interview the surprising fan.

The afternoon is coming and fatigue takes its toll. Some go home and to programs, and others decide to wait to see if there is any news.
There are no announcements of new medical parts. Night falls and with it the work of the press, until the next day when it starts again.