El Valle de los Senderos, una ‘playa’ secreta en San Miguel de Allende – El Financiero

El Valle de los Senderos, una ‘playa’ secreta en San Miguel de Allende – El Financiero

San Miguel de Allende with a beach? Just as you read it. If you needed a reason to convince you to choose the city of Guanajuato as your next destination to escape the routine and relax in a natural environment is now possible thanks to The Valley of the Pathsthat will allow you reconnect with nature as an addition to what you already loved about this place.

The project -considered the first authentic model of sustainable development in Latin America– incorporates agricultural techniques in its vineyards, orchards and organic gardens. With a holistic mixed-use environment it has a artificial beach and a lagoon where you can have fun with some water activities.

New Zealander Francesca Fisher, who immigrated to the country in 1984, is the person behind the plan that still under developmentwhich will include real estate and in a second phase an organic market, a luxury thermal spa, a wellness complex, an eco-boutique hotel, lofts for artists and mixed-use commercial areas.

What to do in The Valley of the Trails

Although its main attraction is Manaia, which in addition to the beach, the sand and the lounge chairs that will allow you to enjoy the sun, has a country clubyou will not be able to deny yourself to its jacuzzi with thermal weapons.

If the plan is family, don’t worry, because there is a children’s area with slides. Added to the activities are board games, croquet, remote control sailboats and for the more adventurous from a bike ride to canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding in his lagoon.

A chef will be able to cook you in his restaurant and you can have guided tours of the vineyards, relax in its gardens or walk its hiking trails.

Costs and how to get to the Valley of the Trails

a single 3 kilometers from San Miguel de Allende (about fifteen minutes by car) on the road to Dolores Hidalgo is the address of this site that you should give yourself the opportunity to meet.

Business hours are from Wednesday to Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.You should keep in mind that it is closed on Tuesdays. The minimum consumption is 200 pesos for adults and 100 pesos for children, with daily ticket pass that have the following prices (all via reservation):

If you’re adult admission is 500 pesos (800 pesos on weekends and holidays); for children the cost is 200 pesos (300 pesos on busy days). There are packages and memberships for individuals or families.