“El Viaje a las estrellas”: Llegó el Astroturismo a Carlos Paz con propuestas imperdibles

The unforgettable nocturnal experience of observing a sky full of stars through telescopes, contemplating meteor showers, among other phenomena, accompanied by specialists who tell us about the stars and the universe, is an activity for scientific dissemination and great enjoyment and learning, which it is already possible in Villa Carlos Paz.

The initiative was designed by two brothers, Axel and Iván Díaz Altimari, which they called The Voyage to the stars, an innovative tourism venture, which does not stop harvesting followers in this winter season.

“We are a group of young people from Carlos Paz who seek to innovate in terms of the tourist offer and its quality. It is about new experiences that come out of the traditional and the commercial excursions that have been offered for many years in our city”, said Axel Altimari in conversation with Carlos Paz Alive!

And he continued: “Each astrotourism experience that we carry out has a design that already has a history of decades and that is sometimes reproduced and simplified, to make them more efficient or more economical.”

Distinction and added value

Likewise, the young man explained the added value of his undertaking: “Many tourist experiences in Carlos Paz today, which is a mass tourist spot, respond to a system of excursions that is designed in that context, seeking to massify experiences, which are without place. doubtlessly very good and of quality”.

In this sense, he highlighted: “Bearing that point in mind, our experience in particular is thought from the perspective of customization and practice design. So that both the tourist and the person from Carlos Paz have a trip through the most beautiful landscapes of our province, and also enjoy each experience that is set with specially selected music and based on the reflection and thought of the universe. That’s why it’s called “Star Trek”.

The design of the experience

The Carlospacenses brothers are lovers of the sky and its stars and also of the tourist activity. “The Journey to the Stars” It is a design experience in astronomical tourism that they developed in part, to always keep in touch with an activity that they are passionate about.

“My brother Iván owns “Mamba Art”, a photography production company dedicated to accompanying tourists on all excursions. And in my case, I am fond of astronomy and I dedicate myself to scientific dissemination, which is precisely the subject in which we stand out”, said Axel.

Expand scientific knowledge

“The ultimate goal of our enterprise is to expand and spread the concepts of science, of research. We stand on the shoulders of giants to see further and try to ensure that each person who comes to ‘El Viaje a las estrellas’ takes away not only a nice memory, but also a profound and unforgettable experience with intense reflection, which is accompanied by sensory”.

In relation to the contemplation of the universe, the entrepreneur stated: “We focus on the idea that the universe is too big and we are too small, that life is worth a lot. In this sense, we think that science has to be disseminated not as a set of cold knowledge, but in an entertaining way, as a way of questioning reality. .When children go, when families go to whom a panorama is opened in science, in knowledge, in philosophy and also in different paradigms, it is when I think that we fulfill our objective the most “.

Passion for astronomy and tourism, a family asset

“When we talk about astronomy, we also talk about the first way that humans had to understand the sky: astrology. That is why we seek to investigate in our dialogues with travelers to the stars. We wonder what the current paradigms are, how ancient civilizations, not only European, but also how our civilizations thought of the sky, and how they explained their worldviews”, explained Axel about one of the central elements of the proposal.

Finally, he commented that having created “El Viaje a las estrellas” also has to do with what they learned from their family.

“What we do gives us great pleasure, since it is an activity that has to do with our family. My grandfather was the first to have a tourism agency in Carlos Paz that he called “Carlos Paz tourism”, it worked in the center of the city terminal and he was also the owner of the “Hotel Parque Carlos Paz” which was located between the passages Santa Fe, on San Martín Avenue,” he added.

Proposals for school students

On the other hand, the brothers not only seek to promote science through their entrepreneurship, but also want it to reach as many young people as possible. For this reason, they also invite the public primary and secondary schools of Carlos Paz to carry out astronomical experiences for free.

Tourists, residents of Carlos Paz or educational institutions who want to take some of the trips proposed by these entrepreneurs can contact 3541-388269 or via Instagram at @viajealasestrellasvcp.