Emprender un viaje solitario | Diario de Cuyo

The writer Robert Louis Stevenson once said that: “the important thing is to move”, and nothing could be more true: it does not matter if you go far or near, for a short time or a long time, because the essential thing is that you have decided to take the step and start an adventure Having the concern of traveling alone but not knowing where to start is common.Getting away from our comfort zone can be one of the most difficult things there is, but also one of the most rewarding as soon as you have decided to do it. what you should know before embarking on a trip, so that you get rid of doubts and fill yourself with courage to start the adventure. Perhaps the first thing is to ask yourself, with great sincerity, what do you want to do? It is not about starting a trip because others do it, because it looks cool, no. Actually, ask yourself where do you want to go? How long would you feel comfortable for?: fifteen days? a month? three months? Once you have these answers clear, they will be key for you to go with knowing your own limits and to draw with real lines all the expectations you may have. Travel because you need to, not just to say that you went to this or that place or to take a nice photo. Travel because you are looking for answers, because on that trip alone you want to meet more people, learn other cultures, challenge yourself.

Once you feel sure what you want to do, then you will feel that emotion that is born from the bowels, the one that makes you feel that the trip is real, that it is no longer just a dream, that it is there, that you can do it and it will be important that you do not sabotage yourself, that you believe it, that you make it possible.

– Save money
It’s one of the things you have to do before anything else. While it is true that you can travel on a budget, that there are many ways to work along the way, the truth is that you must also have some kind of savings to start with, even if the amount is very small, but it is enough to move forward, especially especially if it will be your first time traveling. Although it sounds like a lot, traveling broadens the mind and once you’re on the road, you’ll realize that you don’t need great things, that the important thing is in everything you see and learn.

– Stay away from other people’s fears
There will be no shortage of people who tell you that you can’t, why are you going to make that trip, or why are you going alone. That will always happen and everyone will give you their own vision of the world, but it is up to you to let your head be filled with doubts, or not. It will be better to get rid of those fears that are not yours because it is you who is going to travel, not the others. And yes, although you have to take basic precautions, taking that weight off your shoulders will be key to being able to see things for yourself and create an opinion of everything that awaits you outside.

– The world is not as dangerous as they tell you
Yes, it is true, things happen every day and we cannot cover reality with a finger. It can happen to us on the corner of the house or from miles away. The fact of moving does not imply that something has to happen to us and that is important to be clear about. In addition, outside we will find people who will always be willing to lend a hand, to guide us on the map and one learns to trust, to let oneself be carried away by the instinct that is so necessary in the journey and, therefore, to be flexible. Then, you will realize that the world is not so terrible, that there are a lot of experiences waiting there and that it will be good to go and live them.

– You can explore various hosting options
You also have to ask yourself what kind of journey you want to have. Are you willing to share a room, volunteer, sleep in a hostel or do you prefer the privacy of a hotel room? All the options are on the table and it is good that you know how they work. When they see you traveling alone, people are usually much more empathetic to help you and not because they think you need it or you are weak, no, they only do it because they think it is wonderful that you are doing that adventure.

– You can earn money while traveling
And this is very good for you to know, especially if what you have in mind is to make a long trip. You can generate income along the way as your creativity and skills allow and, at the same time, get to know places. There are many places where you can volunteer and work, everything will depend on your concerns to stay on the road.

– Let’s be pacient
And this also has to do with flexibility. It doesn’t always happen but you must be prepared for when things sometimes go a little wrong: you miss the plane, you took the wrong platform, you were late for the bus station, it rained, etc. And only if you have a good attitude, you will be able to enjoy the trip, get second solutions and make everything turn in your favor. That patience is strengthened with each trip and you learn to trust your own decisions and the ability to improvise that is so necessary on the road.

– Language does not limit you
Do you speak only Spanish and do not dare to make that dream trip to Thailand? Come on, it can be London, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo or any other place where they speak a language that you don’t know. Well, although English opens many doors and it is spoken almost everywhere in the world and it would be nice if you learned it, you can’t stay home just because you think they won’t understand you. By simply using Google Maps you will be located and with a basic translator, you will be able to solve several barriers. But the best thing will be that tacit understanding between the traveler and the local that arises through signs, smiles, drawings, whatever. In fact, communicating in other ways makes the journey that much more interesting.

– Travel light
It is possible to leave all the just in case outside the luggage and travel with 10 kilos or less in your suitcase or backpack. This not only translates to traveling more comfortably, paying less on low cost flights for example, but also trains you in material detachment, because as you travel you will realize that you need very little to move around and be happy. In addition to that, it helps you with mobility and security issues.

– Take basic forecasts
When traveling solo, it’s okay to pack your belongings and not bring anything that draws too much attention. It does not hurt to tell someone you trust where you will be, what your steps are, so that they always know your location. It is a basic forecast, which is good for all of us.

– Be respectful
It is always good that you inform yourself of the customs of the place so that you learn from the culture and adapt to it. We’re just passing through and it’s okay to show respect for what we’re getting to know. You don’t want to have a hard time if you’re not dressed properly or if you say something you shouldn’t. That, in addition, will help broaden our mind, to be more empathic.

– Traveling is also tiring
It is normal that when you decide to go on a trip you want to cover as many places as possible, so do not feel guilty if one day you feel tired and prefer to take a break to sleep a while longer or stay drinking coffee without doing anything else for a long time. That is also part of the adventure, knowing that you can experience it in many different ways.

– Once you start, you won’t want to stop
Yes, that will happen to you, once you are encouraged to travel you will want to do it many more times in the same way or accompanied. New destinations will appear on your map of possibilities and you will want to go to all of them.

Source: Worldpackers