Empresa sueca busca talento colombiano para impulsar su crecimiento | Empleo | Economía

The economic crisis that is devastating the planet does not stop, and one of its most visible consequences is unemployment, which continues to rise. In the past few weeks alone, several companies have announced tens of thousands of job cuts, as well as plans to freeze hiring.

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Most of it comes from technology, cryptocurrency and real estate companies large and small, which, in the United States alone, have laid off at least 37,000 workers since May, according to tech job listings website TrueUp.

Added to unemployment is the interruption of investments, which is materialized in fewer disbursements to startups, coming from investment funds, so these companies have begun to feel the effect of lacking capital to develop their projects for this, and the next year.

In the midst of this context, Seguro Kanguro, a Swedish ‘insurtech’, opened new vacancies for some areas of the company, and is looking for Colombian talent to boost its growth in the region.

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“During the next few months, we want approximately 30 people to join our company. Our main focus is to achieve that, by the end of 2022, we complete the 100 employees”, says Martín Alvemo, an expert in the ‘insurtech’ sector and CEO of the digital platform specializing in the sale of car insurance.

According to the manager, this technology company is looking for people in the role of Insurance Assistant who have basic knowledge in insurance, as well as Fullstack, Frontend and Backend programmers.

Among the benefits offered by this call are, in addition to job stability, competitive salaries, zero commissions, good work tools and constant training. “You can apply to one of the positions from any city in the country, since we work 100% remotely”adds the manager.

Another incentive that the company has implemented is an “internal career” system, where those who enter the role of Insurance Assistant will be able to move on to consultancy and climb within the company through seven different levels as junior, senior, master advisor, renewal analyst and public advisor.

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According to Alvemo, this announcement comes at a time when many companies, especially in the digital sector, have grown directly or indirectly without profitable business models, leveraging a historically very low cost of capital.

“We believe that the trend in the world, with the increase in interest rates, is to cut expenses, which directly or indirectly will affect the situation in Colombia. That is why it is pertinent to show that there are opportunities to grow in orderly companies that are well positioned, to strengthen themselves in this new dynamic”, concludes.

For the Colombian economy, it is positive that proposals such as ‘insurtechs’ such as Seguro Kanguro, which brings together 13 national insurers, and that at the end of 2021, managed to sell more than 14,000 policies that generated an approximate turnover of $20,000 million, and that represented an annual growth of more than 30%.

At the moment, startups are suffering the effects of the changes in the world economy in the post-pandemic, where the inflationary pressures that arose during the reactivation have caused a rise in the interest rates of the world’s central banks, this, to In turn, it represents the end of an era of overflowing liquidity that encouraged risky investments, which in turn, generates a domino effect that will continue to impact a wave of layoffs in the coming months.

For that reason, It is increasingly positive that news such as this is emerging in a country where the unemployment rate is 11.2% according to the latest Dane indicators.

Those who want to be part of this call can write and send their resume to the following email: talent@segurocanguro.com.