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Enrique Bunbury, the Spaniard who rose to fame as leader of the band Heroes del Silencio, shared a sad message with his followers this Sunday. His throat problems forced him to leave the stage sooner than he expected. The artist wanted to fulfill the tour that he had agreed, but on Sunday, in Chicago, he had no choice but to withdraw.

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The vocalist of songs like Infinito or El foreigner announced that “with all the pain” in his heart, he is canceling his tour of the United States and Spain. “Unfortunately, today in Chicago, one day before the Rosemont show, we have to announce that we will not be able to continue with the tour. My throat and breathing problems flared up and came back sharply last night, and what I thought was going to be under control is totally out of my hands and desires,” he explained in a statement.

The situation forced him to “advance what he already saw as imminent.” The artist wrote: “It is impossible for me to do more concerts. I understand that many of you bought tickets for a North American tour that was already sold out and a Spanish tour that aimed at the same thing”. He added that the value of the tickets will be returned.

My throat and breathing problems increased and came back sharply last night, and what I thought was going to be controlled is totally out of my hands and desires

He also explained that when he announced the concerts for ‘The Last Tour’ two months ago, he wanted to “fulfill the commitments made”. He added that in Latin America no agreement had been closed yet. But, given “the events”, his band and he tried to “reduce the tour so much”, to leave “as much time as possible between concerts” and thus “ensure as much as possible” that his voice “could respond”.

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The Spaniard managed to present a couple of shows in the United States, in New York and Atlanta. “Both were two fabulous concerts, both for the public and for us, I think I can say with some pride.”

Bunbury, 54, thanked his supporters for understanding in what he called a “painful” moment for him and the entire team. The man from Zaragoza, who was going to say goodbye to the United States on June 6, He had concerts pending in Chicago, Houston, El Paso, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Anaheim.

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Enrique Bunbury: a long career

Born on August 11, 1967 in Zaragozaat the age of 13 he was already playing the electric guitar and later the drums. He began playing in school and as a singer and guitarist, or occasional drummer and bassist in “amateur” groups such as Apocalypse, Rebel Waltz, Entropic Process or Tres Años de Pena or Jumo de cristal.

Together with drummer Juan Valdivia, he formed Héroes del Silencio in 1985. and, two years later, the mini-album came out hero of legend, the one he followed The sea does not stop (1989), which went Platinum. Other important successes with Heroes del Silencio were trails of betrayal (1990), the spirit of wine (1993), F.your lottery (1994), Avalanche (1995), Forever (1996) years rarities (1998); the latter was released after the disappearance of the group -Bunbury, Juan Valdivia, Pedro Andreu and Joaquín Cardiel-, as a sign of gratitude to their many fans and included some hitherto unknown songs.

Bunbury, who was the one who decided the end of Héroes del Silencio, created in 1994 the independent label A la Inversa Records with the Zaragoza group Las Novias. In 1997 came his first solo studio work, radical sonorousthe one they followed Short (1999), flamingos (2002), years the journey to nowhere in 2004, for which he was awarded a Gold Record in Mexico and an MTV award for best Spanish musician.

In 2005 he announced the dissolution of the band that had accompanied him since he left Héroes due to “exhaustion of ideas”. The following work of his, the time of cherries (2006), was made in collaboration with Asturian Nacho Vegas, a benchmark in independent music, and successfully presented by both at the Liceo de Barcelona.

Although the Heroes reunited in 2007 and toured briefly, Bunbury always denied a hypothetical return of the Aragonese quartet that gave him fame. That year he received the Special Ondas Award from the Jury and a tribute from the EMI label for surpassing sales of more than six million records in almost 40 countries.

In 2008 he launched hellville deluxe (his fifth solo studio album) and presented on the internet the short The thin man who will never waverstarring him and directed by the Frenchman Edouard Salier.

albums followed The consequences (2010), licensed canteens (2011), Lignum vitae (2013), this one made in Los Angeles, with the band Los Santos Inocentes, among others, as children of the people (2015), recorded live, and Expectations (2017), their ninth studio album.

Before his definitive goodbye to the stages announced this May 15, Burbury had reported last February that he was retiring from the stage as of September, after fulfilling his commitments in Spain and the US, due to throat and respiratory problems.

The decision was made after a Mexican tour in which he had verified that what “normally was pleasure and delight has become a source of immense pain and suffering.”

“I am old enough to make this important change in my life and the support of my family and management,” remarked the artist, who acknowledged that in his 35-year career he has performed “on the best stages in the world and on some of the the worst.”

The musician, who has a biography, Enrique Bunbury. The rest is silence, written by the journalist Pep Blay, he is married to Jose Girl, his official photographer, since October 2012 and they have a daughter (2011). He had previously been married to Nona Rubio (2000-2001).