“Es un cobarde”, en Argentina destrozan a Sebastián Villa tras denuncia por violación

Colombian striker Sebastián Villa starred in another controversy this Friday after learning of a new complaint against him by a woman. The young woman assured that the player sexually abused her in June 2021, at a private dinner they had together.

“The player started to abuse me, giving me some blows, and covering my mouth with his hand. Moment in which I make some scratches, product of wanting to get out of that situation, ” says an excerpt from the complaint.

“The day of the reported event was June 26, 2021, when Mr. Villa asks me to accompany him to a house in the Barrio Cerrado, located in the town of Ezeiza, to be part of a barbecue where several colleagues from the Boca Juniors campus were, ” specifies the document.

Then add: “He abused me, initially from the front (being face up), and ended up turning me face down, almost without letting me breathe, since between screaming and crying I was running out of air”.

The document, which quickly went viral on the different social networks, also indicates that the person in charge of his personal security and one of the people who takes care of business were present at Villa’s residence.

“This is part of an attempted murder. There is plenty of evidence to reach a conviction. It is a crime of extreme gravity”, he pointed out in Sports T&C, Robert Castilloplaintiff’s attorney.

The leaders of the group xeneize, According to the sports channel, they learned this Friday of the events for which Sebastián Villa was denounced. However, no official statement has been made so far.

Given the serious event presented in Argentina, Criticism was immediate against the player who is once again in the eye of the hurricane for an event similar to the one he starred in with his ex-partner Daniela Cortés.

The controversial journalist Pablo Carrozza did not keep anything against the player on his Twitter account. “Villa not only cannot play one more second in Boca’s first, but if this new complaint is verified, he deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars. From the start, he is a coward, a bad person and a danger to society,” said the communicator.

And he added: “Villa is on trial, he has an oral trial pending for having broken his partner’s head; and he is now accused of rape and attempted murder. Are they seriously going to defend him so he doesn’t miss a soccer game? What else does he have to do to get kicked out of the club?

Faced with this new criminal complaint, the environment of the Boca Juniors soccer player hopes that in the next few hours he will present his version of the events. Also, that he clarify what happened that night at his residence.

It should be remembered that Sebastián Villa still has a pending trial in Argentina for gender violence and mistreatment, after his ex-partner, Daniela Cortés, formally denounced him a few years ago.

Regarding sports, Boca Juniors will face Racing for the semifinals of the League Cup this Saturday, May 14, at La Bombonera. It is not yet known if the Colombian will be summoned for the commitment.