escasean tiquetes para viajar desde las terminales de Medellín al Occidente y al Urabá antioqueños

escasean tiquetes para viajar desde las terminales de Medellín al Occidente y al Urabá antioqueños

A surprise was taken this morning by several travelers who were heading to the west and Urabá Antioquia from the transport terminals of Medellín, Well, when they arrived at the ticket offices to purchase the first trips in the morning, they were informed that they are not available.

According to reports, the routes that go to municipalities such as Uramita, Dabeiba and Buriticá, which are accessed through the western road axis, They would only have ticket availability starting at noon this Wednesday, April 13.

On the other hand, those who go to Urabá also received a similar announcement, since destinations like Carepa, Apartadó, Chigorodó, Turbo and Necoclí do not have tickets available for this morning either.

According to the Union of Transporters Utrans, the lack of tickets is due to the fact that the road section that connects these regions with Medellín presents serious difficulties in road matters due to winter.

This situation has not only increased the value of the trips by up to 35%, but has also affected the frequencies of the routes, so that now fewer vehicles are dispatched per day, since the trip that previously lasted nine hours, with the alternate route to be taken it can now reach 13 hours.

Therefore, as there were fewer frequencies, the number of available tickets decreased. The point is that the situation is taking place in the midst of Operation Exodus this Holy Week.

From Utrans they indicated that the Sotraurabá, Cootrasuroccidente and Gómez Hernández companies (which cover this area of ​​the department) are contracting special transport vehicles to supply the missing frequencies. For now, the other routes to the department present normality in the availability of trips and tickets.

Some 310,000 passengers are expected to travel through the department’s terminals and airports for this festive bridge.