Especial 2 de MasterChef del 12 de abril


A group of MasterChef Junior returns, 7 years later, to the most important kitchen in the world for this special. Each of the participants remembers moments of their time on the program and expresses the importance that the competition represented in her life.

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former participants they find a mysterious box in which is the ingredient that must stand out in their preparations: greek yoghurt.

Jorge Rauch indicates that, in their debut in the adult league, they will have to make two teams and present a savory dish, as well as a sweet one, for 11 diners. The jury gives them 60 minutes to cook and they can only go to the pantry once.

Boys demonstrate that they maintain their creativity and ability to work in a team to achieve the goal of the competition and finish on time.

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Look at the participants strive to prove to the jury that they have also grown culinary so the anxiety is evident in the kitchen. Everyone runs and does their best.

Time ends and the former Junior Masterchef want to know who the guests will be. The chefs indicate that they themselves will be the ones to taste their preparations, as a family.

In the end, there is no single winner. The eight participants indicate that they all won by reliving this magical and unforgettable experience in the kitchen of kitchen master

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