Esposo de Arelys Henao apareció en novela de Caracol y derritió a varias mujeres

Imagen de Esposo de Arelys Henao, quien apareció en novela de Caracol y derritió a varias mujeres

This week, the novel about the famous popular music singer, Arelys Henao, came to an end. The compliments were enough in networks, and the vast majority of viewers were happy with the last minutes of the production.

The outcome began with Arelys undergoing surgery due to a problem she was having with her vocal cords. And although she had bad days in the hospital, she was finally able to recover and sing again. After this, the production went ahead in time, showing what the life of the artist was like seven years later, and without a doubt, being happy and successful.

But the end was not there, since in the last moments of the novel Arelys got on stage to give a memorable concert. But she did not do it alone, because minutes later The real Arelys Henao appeared, and then fiction ended up joining reality; Both “Arelys” sang the hits of the popular artist with a wounded cry.

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The real Wilfredo was also at the end of Caracol’s novel

But not being enough with that, the production continued to surprise, and the real Wilfredo also appeared on stage, that is, the real husband of Arelys, who in the novel was played by the actor José Ramón Barreto.

Obviously, the comments on the networks were immediate from the public, many and many assuring that Arelys’s partner is “quite handsome” and that “the years do not pass him”. Others, on the other hand, affirmed that the production gave them the opportunity to meet him, because “they had no idea who he was in real life.”

“I want a Wilfredo in my life”, “If one day I get married, it has to be with a Wilfredo”“Wilfredo could easily have been the protagonist of the novel” and “Excuse me from Arelys, but Wilfredo is very churro”were some comments that were read on the networks.

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And taking advantage of the ending, the real Arelys decided to thank Wilfredo for all his love and support: “To my husband, thank you for being by my side for 25 years working and fighting to achieve this star that I hold in my hands today. Thanks to him for giving me a family and helping me achieve this dream.”.

This is the publication that shows the real husband of Arelys at the end of the novel: