Esta será la tarifa que se cobrará para ingresar al desierto de la Tatacoa

Esta será la tarifa que se cobrará para ingresar al desierto de la Tatacoa

The Tatacoa Desert, in Huila, is one of the most desired tourist attractions by Colombians.

Photo: Courtesy Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Huila

The Municipal Council of Villavieja, in Huila, approved the collection of a “tourism tax” for entry to the Tatacoa desertin order to obtain resources to support one of the best-known tourist destinations in the country.

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“They become own resources of free destination. We want to greatly strengthen the issue of health in Villavieja. More than seeing it as a fee, it is an aid to the municipality so that the people who come to visit us have better health infrastructure, roads and all that. Unfortunately, with the budget we have, we are not able to provide good conditions,” Mayor Álvaro Andrés Charry told RCN Radio.

In addition to this, the president explained that this charge will be made to the agencies and operators that profit from tourism in the desert, who will have to pay $3,000 for each person to enter the Tatacoa. In exchange, tourists will receive a bracelet with which they can enter the observatory, the spa and the museum, among other spaces.

For its part, the mayor explained that the charge will be made to “those whose destination is any of the sites of tourist interest, theme park, spa, observatory, hotels and vacation sites and in general events that take place in the municipality of Villavieja ” .

The bracelets can be purchased at the Paleontological Museum of Villavieja (south side of the Reynaldo Matiz Trujillo park), the tourist office (continuous to the Paleontological Museum) or at the OATA Municipal Observatory (Vereda Cusco).

The Tatacoa desert, a nature reserve of 56,000 hectares, which is visited annually by about 300,000 people, according to the Huila government. Currently, in Villavieja there are 54 accommodation service providers with the National Register of Active Tourism, of which 16 are in La Tatacoa.

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