“Estamos lejos de un jaque mate” para la próxima temporada turística, dijo Monzeglio – Información – 18/07/2022

From July 1 to 17, on the occasion of the Winter Break254,000 people entered the country; 42,276 of these came from Argentina. For the Undersecretary of Tourism, Rowing MonzeglioThe arrival of this number of tourists from the neighboring country is positive given that “at the moment, in order to get here you have to have at least a comfortable economic position.” consulted for the next tourism season 2022-2023the undersecretary was emphatic: “we are far from a checkmate.”

Monzeglio highlighted, in an interview with Informativo Carve (Radio Carve) that of the earnings during july vacation there were also 16,392 Brazilian tourists.

In addition, he announced that for the upcoming cruise season there are confirmed 171 touches of ships in Montevideo Y 57 in Punta del Este. “These are not simple ‘reserves’. In order to guarantee these places on our coasts, companies must deposit a significant sum of money,” he explained.

The Undersecretary of Tourism made a personal reflection on the July holidays and the strong tourist movement abroadmainly Argentina: “It gives us pleasure that many Uruguayans are enjoying this possibility of enjoyment since they have had two difficult years, they have worked hard and it is fair that they can travel where they please“, he shared.

Monzeglio highlighted how, after the restrictions of the pandemic, Uruguayans made use of all the ways to enjoy the holidays: “Collapsed air quotas despite the very high cost of tickets”; “full river and land transportation to Argentina taking advantage of the exchange ratemany in their own vehicles doing miles and miles on the road to take advantage of a exchange difference that favors us today,” he said.

The undersecretary of Tourism stressed that it is a “round trip” industry, despite the fact that “the exchange rate and the rArgentine restrictions to be able to travel plus the constant devaluation with respect to the dollar, further discouraged the trips of tourists of that nationality to our country, which also only begins its school vacations this week”.

“Our vision from the Ministry of Tourism is medium and long range, our work points towards a time of greater stability and parity of possibilities“, he emphasized.

For Monzeglio, the situation of Uruguayan tourism “is a consequence of proudly living in a country where its citizens make use of all their rights and faculties in total freedom, without restrictions.”