Estas son las playas de España a las que puedes ir sin coger un avión, pero en las creerás que estás en el Caribe

Images of idyllic beaches, with transparent and clear waters, are usually associated with remote places such as the Cook Islands, the Maldives or Cocos Island. But You don’t have to travel so far to find on the Mediterranean coast there are also these idyllic spots and these summer destinations, perfect for enjoying an unbeatable day at the beach.

On the coast of Valencian Communityfar and wide Valencia, Alicante and Castellóncorners bathed by spectacular turquoise waters surrounded by a imposing naturethat become the perfect settings to relax and enjoy a day of sun, sand and beach alone or with friends and family.

The same as in the Region of Murciawhose corners on the coast of southeastern Spain become authentic earthly paradises where you can disconnect from the routine and stress is almost mandatory. Let yourself be carried away by the sound of the waves of the sea, and enjoy the best beach destinations for this summer.