Este verano no será un caos hacer tu maleta gracias a esta bolsa

The summer and, above all, the holidays they are a delight but they force you to go through critical moments. One of them is organizing the suitcase. Ikea has some products (economic and rational) with which to prepare the displacement will not become a headache.

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The Swedish chain has the storage line Parklathat, among other things, you can save your clothing and keep the shoes in luggage. It can be carried in both Baggage (big or small), like backpacks or hand luggage. Facilities to place your belongings before leaving and also to find them when you arrive at the destination. Anything goes to shield your vacation from scares. It is the most sold in Spain and costs only €2.50.

But the advantages of the Pärkla line and other Ikea products are not limited to suitcases or the like. They can help increase storage space in Houseimprove order and maintain cleanliness. It can also help to gain order and space in furniture Y drawers.