Estos seis candidatos suenan para dirigir la Selección Colombia

Estos seis candidatos suenan para dirigir la Selección Colombia

While the directors await the final report from the coach Reinaldo Rueda on his management at the head of the Colombian National Team, countless resumes arrive at the Federation, and different names begin to circulate among the fans to take charge of the new process towards the World Cup of 2026.

Among those mentioned are the Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa, the Portuguese Jorge Jesús, the Brazilian Renato Gaucho, and the Colombians Jorge Luis Pinto, Juan Carlos Osorio and Hernán Torres.

The six of them know South American soccer, because they have worked with different clubs and national teams on the continent.

The Argentine Marcelo Bielsa left the technical direction of Leeds and is analyzing different offers, because in addition to Colombia, Chile and Bolivia also want it.

This situation forces the directors of the Federation to act quickly and send him an offer, which cannot be less than the conditions he had in the English club.

“It is true that Bielsa is an expensive technician, but managers must invest if they do not want another failure,” said former Colombian National Team player Wilson Pérez.

The former side added that it is more expensive for the Federation not to attend a World Cup. “You lose financially and also prestige.”

Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus wouldn’t be a cheap investment either, but he has a recent track record to back up his worth. The European was champion of the 2019 Copa Libertadores with Flamengo from Brazil and also of the Recopa Sudamericana (2020).

He is currently analyzing a proposal from Al-Nassr of Saudi Arabia, a team that put 10 million euros per season on the table. If the coach accepts, he will enter the top-10 of those who earn the most in the world, ahead of Mourinho (9.2 million) or Mauricio Pochettino (8 million).

Another candidate is the Brazilian Renato Gaucho. He has not had experience as a national team coach either, but he has become one of the best on the continent at club level.

Among the national options appear Jorge Luis Pinto who, as happened with Reinaldo Rueda, was already in charge of the National Team between 2006 and 2009.

Pinto himself assured that he would be willing to collaborate again. “What Colombian coach would dislike directing the National Team? It would be very nice if, after the experiences I had after my first stage with Colombia, they would take me into account again”.

In addition, he said that his aspiration goes beyond the economic. “The idea is to be able to work well, calmly, surrounded by people who contribute to the project, correct things that have not been done well and promote others.”

The last team led by the Santander coach was the United Arab Emirates National Team.

Among that deck of Colombian strategists, Hernán Torres, from Tolima, prefers not to talk about the subject, because he is one hundred percent dedicated to Deportes Tolima and indicated that he works honestly and it is the managers who must make those decisions. “Every day I give my best in his work, with a lot of responsibility and they are the ones who must analyze whether or not I can contribute”.

While the coach Juan Carlos Osorio, who does not have a good present after passing through América de Cali, was already close to being the coffee coach and has the support of Álvaro González, vice president of the Federation. Osorio said that he would receive the National Team for free, because it is one of his dreams.

Below we show you the strengths and weaknesses of these 6 candidates


The directors took months to appoint a technician after Pekerman’s departure. Save must be more agile.

Hernan Torres
Tolima technician

Guarantee of work and discipline
He has shown in all the teams he has managed so far, that he is a man devoted to his work, faithful to a game idea and that the players believe him. He is in love with the tactics and discipline of the players on the pitch.

He has no experience in selections
The 60-year-old coach from Tolima has the disadvantage of not having directed any national team, which makes him lose ground against other nominees to reach the position of national coach.

Renato Gaucho
Brazilian technician

Finals Technician
Not all coaches reach three Libertadores finals with three different clubs. That is the result of his important work at the head of the schools he has directed. He was a player and knows the footballer’s mentality.

Has scandals off the pitch
Sometimes it is more news for what he does off the pitch, like when he violated isolation due to covid-19 having cormobilities. He also has an active social life that at times distracts him from his role.

George Jesus
Portuguese technician

Combine two styles of play
The Portuguese showed that a European coach can succeed in South America. During his time with Flamengo in Brazil, he played football, in which the European game strategy, combined with the South American technique, bear fruit.

Conflict with the players
Paraguayan Óscar Cardozo, who was directed by Jorge Jesús at Benfica in Portugal, accuses him of being a problematic coach with the players. He says that while he protects some, he demands more from others.

George Louis Pinto
Colombian technician

Your experience in selections
He has directed Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduras and the United Arab Emirates. With the Tica team he advanced to the quarterfinals of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. He is a scholar and keeps up to date on game options.

Background of conflicting technician
During his time as coach of the Colombian national team, he had several discussions with Iván Ramiro Córdoba, one of the team’s captains, as well as in Costa Rica with goalkeeper Keylor Navas and midfielder Bryan Ruiz.

Marcelo Bielsa
Argentinian technician

Structure projects
One of the demands that the Argentine coach always makes is that he can also manage the sub-20 category to work on his project from the grassroots. In general, as happened in Argentina and Chile, his processes are successful but they do not bear fruit overnight, they require patience.

has many eccentricities
He has had curious situations such as calling a fan after receiving a letter, to training with a child who was watching in the stands. He also congratulates a couple who was getting married in a video, in addition to the famous 13 steps he takes in his technical area when the rival attacks.

Juan Carlos Osorio
Colombian technician

studious and committed
Throughout his career he has been a man who constantly updates himself, especially in Europe. He directed the Mexican National Team, with which he beat the current world champion, Germany in Russia 2018. He was also in charge of Paragay, but for a short period. He likes to put together projects.

Your stubbornness to change
His current moment is not good after failing in his second period with Atlético Nacional and then with América de Cali, which has made him lose credibility. However, due to his stubbornness, he is reluctant to change and prefers to fail with his methods before changing to seek solutions.