Estos son los hoteles más originales de Catalunya

The arrival of summer leads us to love get away of routine for a few days. We often choose to travel a far countriesbut in Catalonia there are options for disconnect just some hours of House.

That’s why we bring a selection of ten original hotels in which to spend a night without leaving the country.

You want to live like a real circus artist? The historical ‘Raluy Circus‘ offers the possibility of market a night in a wagon of beginning of twentieth century fully restored and equipped (bathroom, heating, living room, television). Allow to experiment the nomadic lifein addition to market Y day with the actorssee them essays and the ‘behind the scenes‘ of his shows.

Hotel Gran Claustro (Altafulla, Tarragonès)

in full medieval historic center of highleafthis building of century XVIII and declared Cultural Asset of National Interest it is rehabilitated respecting its original elements. Formerly, it served home of nuns Teresianas, but now it is an exclusive Boutique hotel’. offer different plans (romantic, gastronomic, relax) and have a ‘spa‘ where they perform treatments.

The Dwellings of the Unicorn (Púbol, Baix Empordà)

Considered one of the accommodations plus romantics of Spainthe House rural Eleventh century it’s a Temple for the happiness and the love. Have four decorated suites with the myth of Unicornwith all the arranged elements so Magic Y spiritual. Also, they have a library more than 5,000 copies of different genres, and yard fraud swimming pool.

Hotel Casa Fuster (Barcelona)

The Fuster House (1908) is part of the modernist work of the architect Lluís Domenech i Montanerdeclared Heritage of humanity by unesco. With more than one hundred years of history, since 2004 this building is one of the Hotels plus luxurious of citycataloged with five stars Y decorated style of Art nouveau. its 105 bedrooms they have large windows fraud views Alabama Walk of Grace. Also, you can find a bar where they celebrate live concerts of jazzand what they have been through Woody AllenEddy Davis or the Yoshida Brothers.

Farmhouse Pla del Bosc (Canyelles, Garraf)

The Farmhouse Pla del Bosc is the perfect place for surround oneself of nature while you pass the night watching the stars. Their ‘bubble suites‘ are designed so that the experience suits both couples and families.

Dosrius Cabins (Dosrius, Maresme)

This is probably the option plus adventuressbecause if you have fear at heights or to the complete darknessbetter abstain. The cabins is it so hanging in glasses of trees (between five and nine meters) and No they have neither running water in electricity. They do, however, offer views spectacular of Montnegre Park and the Corridor.

The Cabbages Pavilions (Olot, Girona)

In the middle of volcanoes of Garrotxathe restaurant fraud two Michelin stars cabbage‘ opened a non traditional hotelwhere the bedrooms are decorated with was style Y made totally of semi-transparent glass (floor and walls included). The design is very minimalist and being a experimental spaceYou have to go with the mentality that it will not be a ‘usual’ stay.

El Far Hotel Restaurants (Llafranc, Baix Empordà)

In a steep cliff a 175 meters of the sea and surrounded of covesThis accommodation with restaurant it was an old inn of century XVIII where pilgrims slept. They are characterized by tranquilitythe endless views and the Sailor style from his gastronomy of proximity.

Chalet of Prades (Prades, Baix Camp)

The Prades Mountains have one of the best skies in Europeand that the ideal conditions To see them stars. In this cabin you can pass the night in some wooden igloo with a Dome fraud views of 360 degrees.

Mongolian yurt Delta del Ebro (Camarles, Baix Ebre)

The yurt It is the traditional home of the nomadic herders of mongolian steppebut this one is a little closer, in the Ebro Delta. built in the form craft Y decorated in was stylehas a Dome central crystallized to see the sky. In addition, in the accommodation they allow you to enjoy a thai pool and a ecological garden.