Estrenos de la semana en CINECO/PLUS para compartir en familia

Estrenos de la semana en CINECO/PLUS para compartir en familia

Every week the new entertainment alternative of Cine Colombia, CINECO/PLUS, launches independent, national and international films for the whole family. In addition to alternative content, with a selection of titles dedicated to the great exhibitions of the masters of art history.

In Collections/PLUS, one of the sections can find collections of four feature films, which cost between 40,000 and 50,000 pesos. Among the options you have are ‘Attack in Paris’, ‘Friends’, ‘Revenge’ and ‘Aftershocks’.

Immortal Enemy

Starring and produced by Jackie Chan, the oriental superstar who has acted in more than 139 films and who was recognized with the honorary Oscar Award for his contribution to the seventh art, ‘Immortal Enemy’ It is a dose of action and science fiction. Like almost all of Chan’s films, it features stunts and fight scenes performed by the actor instead of a stunt double. This is what has earned him a Guinness World Record: Jackie Chan is the living actor with the most stunts in his career.

The film also highlights Australia, which is the highest-budget Chinese feature film shot in that country. In one of his most important cities, Sydney, scenes were shot in iconic buildings such as the Opera House, where Chan fights his enemies in the role of the hero of the feature film.

An Inner Sun

“Something akin to a romantic comedy with the sensual delicacy of the director, Claire Denis,” he said. Variety about this modern look at the vicissitudes of love, own and external. Denis, collaborating again with the legendary Juliette Binoche (Chocolat, The English Patient), started from Roland Barthes’s essay “Fragments of a love speech” to tell a rather anti-romantic story in Paris.

Binoche was nominated for the Best Actress award at the César Awards and the feature film was part of the official selections at the international festivals in Munich, New York, Zurich, Chicago, Mumbai, Busan, Morelia, Tokyo, Stockholm, Dublin, Belgrade, Gothenburg and Beijing.

We are Heat

Directed by Jorge Navas (blood and rain) and produced by Steven Grisales (the wasteland), this feature film, whose story takes place in the Colombian port of Buenaventura, contrasts a reality where criminal gangs condemn young people to a life outside the law, while the same young people find in urban dance a form of expression and a social reaction; a means of escape from violence that seems to have no way out.

It is a production achieved by 100% Colombian talent, where the sounds of the Pacific, the beats from sauce drowning and the words of latin hip hop they recreate a world that for many is distant despite being uniquely local. ‘We are Heat raises from a new perspective the crisis of a society where racism, poverty, immigration and marginality coexist with an identity and cultural roots that are a lifesaver for its inhabitants.

A horse called an elephant

For director Andrés Waissbluth, making a film like ‘A Horse Called Elephant’ responds to a strong motivation to create a story with real children. His feature film is a Colombian-Argentinean co-production, a non-animated children’s film made in and for Latin America, with humor and sensitivity in tune with the region’s audience.

This feature film, the third in Waissbluth’s career, takes the iconography, magic and fantasy of the circus to narrate an attractive adventure for the whole family. Through the language of the circus, it addresses universal themes: the importance of family, friendship and the importance of fighting to transform cruel or unfair circumstances into opportunities. This story is told from the perspective of magical realism.

in alternative cinema

Interested parties have the following options:

Monet: The Secret Garden

Explore the landscapes that inspired the masterpieces of the father of Impressionism.

Klimt and Schiele

Documentary dedicated to essential themes of these friends and disciples, such as life, death, love and loneliness, among others.

Botticelli’s Hell

The most mysterious work of the artist.

Raphael, the master of the Renaissance

An unmissable lesson from the history of art.

Van Gogh, from the Sketch to the Sublime

The largest collection of the art of this Dutch painter.

Gauguin in Tahiti

The trip to French Polynesia that transformed the life and work of the painter.

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