FC BARCELONA, SEVILLA Y ATLETI DEBEN ESTAR CONTENTOS: El Chacho Coudet activó el modo irónico para quejarse del arbitraje tras los 3 penales que le pitaron al Real Madrid

FC BARCELONA, SEVILLA Y ATLETI DEBEN ESTAR CONTENTOS: El Chacho Coudet activó el modo irónico para quejarse del arbitraje tras los 3 penales que le pitaron al Real Madrid

El Chacho Coudet opened his post-defeat press conference against Real Madrid by saying that he was going to testify very carefully to avoid being sanctioned.

Then, the Argentine coach broke down the actions of the penalties. The second penalty did not see it. The first seemed doubtful. And the third considers that he should not have marked himself. He believes that Mendy was the one who sought the clash with Kevin Vasquez.

“You have to speak very carefully, because one can be sanctioned. I think the most appropriate are you (journalists). I didn’t see the second. I haven’t seen it yet. The first seemed very doubtful to me. And the third nothing. Because yes, when the repetition is seen from the front, you see how Kevin (Vázquez) is sticking his foot out”.

Coudet also added a pinch of irony to his sentences to express disagreement. He was encouraged to say that, surely, what was seen in Balaídos pleased Sevilla, FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid, who are the closest pursuers of the Madridistas.

“We know the club we are, we sometimes know the monsters we play against. To say that we played against a great team, against great players. Sevilla, Barcelona, ​​Atlético must be very happy with this match… We have to keep working, but you’re really doing poorly”.

Thiago Galhardo’s annulled goal didn’t end up being understood either. The VAR does not seem to be helping too much in Celta matches: “What Courtois covered up is terrible. Also ask them a question as journalists. The ball that Courtois takes off in the header is terrible. I ask: Does he start another play when he leaves the goal line after Courtois touches it, or did it happen only to Mbappé with Spain (Nations League)? I ask. At least it’s analysable. I think there are great referees, there are great lines. I have no problems with any. But the help from above (VAR) also has to be there. It’s what happens to us. The reviews do not appear, at least to be calmer.

More irony? Well, more irony. The crisis at Real Madrid is over: “There are tools that can collaborate. For example: in the repetition of the third penalty. In the dynamics of the play it could be, but in the repetition it is very clear that Kevin is taking his foot out, that the one looking for the foot is Mendy. That’s why with the referee it’s difficult. It goes at a speed, but the review… It’s how we feel. It is difficult to explain. There is no longer a crisis in Madrid this week… And we know that these things are good for them. And we keep working.”

A journalist openly asked him if with the phrase ‘there is no longer a crisis at Real Madrid’ he insinuated that the white club was deliberately helped. this answered The Chacho: “I did not imply anything, you gave all that explanation. I said something that is true, right? There will be no crisis between now and the Cup match (Europe)”.

Without getting too excited, and making use of his ironic skills, Coudet and Iago Aspas They shared the feeling that there is in Celta de Vigo: they felt harmed by the arbitration decisions.

Undefeated data. Celta de Vigo is Chacho Coudet’s first European experience as manager. He previously directed in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

Did you know…? Real Madrid has only lost 3 of 30 games played in the current Spanish League. Champion pace.